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Mini Cycle at the End


I have been on a cycle of test, EQ and winstrol for 12 weeks. What I am wondering is, would it be a dumb idea at the end of this, if I feel I am not lean enough, to do a short 4 week prop/tren cycle at the end of this to try to cut more? (so, totalling 16 weeks on)

I am 43 yrs old, training for decades, 12-13% BF, no health problems, and have been on DiPasquale's metabolic diet. I train 4-5 days wk, and do interval cardio, post workout for 20 mins. I am trying to get to single digit levels of BF.

So far it has been:
EQ 400-500mg/wk
test 500 mg/wk
oral stanozolol 50mg/day
for 12 weeks

now if I would go on
test prop 100mg EOD
tren acetate 75mg EOD
for 4 weeks

would this be a bad idea? I guess another way of stating the question is, is it a bad idea to try to combine two shorter cycles of different compounds, or is it necessary to go off in between?