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Mini Cut on Cycle? Good Idea or Dumb Idea?


Hey everyone,

Going to be running my first cycle, consisting of sustanon 250, approximately 500mg a week.

Is it a dumb idea to do a mini cut from week 8 - week 12 on gear?
If it's not, can you lose more weight on gear than you could off gear, like lose 2kg (4.4lbs) a week and still retain muscle?
Or do most people get more lean during cycle?

I'm currently cutting, I should be 12% bodyfat before I cycle, though I would've preferred to get down to 10% but I'm on a tight timeframe.


We're looking at somewhere around a 2000kcal/day deficit, it's pretty drastic.


I think my maintenance is around 4,000 calories, so I'd still be eating a decent amount with a 2,000 calorie deficit. But if it'd be chewing away at my muscle by having that much of a deficit, then obviously it's not something I want to do.

I'd be eating around 6,000 calories on cycle (seems to be a good amount from what I've read). But eating that much I'd surely put on a decent amount of fat, especially in the first few weeks. After the cycle ends, prior and during PCT, I've read you have to keep eating a lot otherwise risk losing a lot gains while your testosterone is starting up it's production again. So I figured during that time I'd be putting on lots of fat yet again, and then after PCT ends, is it alright to cut or should I eat at maintenance for a few months while my test production is still recovering?

If I end up with high bodyfat percentage by the end of my cycle, so be it, it'll be winter then anyway.
But if I can be a bit leaner than when I started, that'd be amazing.

I'm guessing it's probably just a mixture of adding/deducting calories depending on muscle gain/fat gain while on gear. I don't think for a first time, that anyone could accurately suggest the best amount of calories for me to be eating.

My first cycle is only 3 weeks away so I guess I'm just getting a bit nervous because I want the best results. But if anyone could give me some info on when I can cut after cycle (like the best time frame to wait, post PCT, as to when you can cut), then that'd be great.


I think the net deficit is more important than the amount of food you eat. I don't have a lot of experience cutting with anabolic steroids, but I think even with the help of steroids it's a very drastic deficit.


Id be interested to hear what others have experienced with regard to food/calorie intake during and after PCT.

On my part, I have only gone through 1 (bulking) cycle. Here's what i experienced: My maintenance before my first cycle was between 3200-3500 cals. During my 1st cycle, i ate between 4500-5000 calories, with 275-300+grms of protein and 500+g carbs lots of evoo, fish oil. Diet was clean, mostly consisted of chix breast and brown rice, evoo. During my cycle, i made great gains. I accumulated some fat but not to an unacceptable degree. During and afer PCT, i maintained my in-cycle diet and during that time, I gained a lot of fat. I lost a few pounds but i also got noticeably smoother.

So I want to ask for any tips on what adjustments should be made to the diet during and after pct if the goal is to bulk up.

Id also appreciate if anyone would be kind enougu to share any accounts of their experience with fat gain/muscle loss after making adjustments during and after pct.


Just to clarify, are you saying before and during PCT, while you kept the same diet, you lost weight but noticeably gained fat? Therefore you lost muscle (hence the weight loss) but gained fat from your diet pre PCT and while on PCT?

What do you mean by noticeably 'smoother' sorry?


Yes, that was my experience. I took test c for 9 wks then bridged dbol before i started pct. Pct was the standard nolva 40/40/20/20.
I believe that it's a common experience to lose some weight during and after pct. Since i ended my cycle w dbol, i think i had a lot of water pre pct, so i may have lost that during pct. Of course id admit that i surely lost some more muscle on top of the water weight loss. I tried my best to hold on to the weight by keeping the same diet and lifting heavy, but i still lost 6lbs after.

What i meant about looking smoother was that my muscles didnt look as "full" as when i was on, and i noticed that my gut grew.
Is this a really bad result? Im here to learn and im willing to take the newb abuse.

[edit: last paragraph deleted. Thought last poster/op was simeone else.]


That's interesting, I'll let you know how I go if you want? I won't be running any dbol, just sustanon. I start in 3 weeks, quite nervous/anxious but 100% certain this is something I want to do.


Id be glad to hear how you do on your cycle. I hope you get better results than i did (although im quite happy with the gains i kept from my 1st cycle). Good luck!

I hope other people would share their take on diet during and post pct though. I think any posts about this would be very informative.