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As previously posted on this board, I’m in the process of cutting some weight for wrestling, trying to get down to 145. I started about 2 weeks ago at 155, and now am at somewhere between 150 and 152lbs. I know some of it is water weight, but even so, I am SIGNIFICANTLY ahead of schedule.

My question is this: I want to be as large and have as much LBM as possible in the 145lb weight class. I was thinking, since I have until December 12 to weigh 145 (in the morning, empty stomach weigh-in), I have more than enough time to finish cutting. So what does this mean?

Can I mini-bulk? Could I get down to 145, bulk for 2-3lbs, and then cut it off by the time the season starts?

My strength has maintained the same and in some cases increased on RR&D2.0 (coming off training for maximal size, phase 1, with the 8-12 rep scheme to a 5x5 probably did it). What type of program could I do for 2-3 weeks in-between for a ‘mini-bulk’? I was thinking 2-3 weeks of OVT would shock the hell out of my system…

Anyways, how can I go about mini-bulking? I am way ahead of schedule, and would love to know your thoughts.

Any questions you have, I’d be happy to answer.

Specifically, if I decided to bulk for 2 weeks or so… how would I go about doing it?

Let’s say, 2 weeks from Monday, I weigh 147 in the morning (not dehydrated, just normal waking-up). Seeing this, I realize I want to put on a little more size. Could I IMMEDIATELY bump my calories from around 2,000-2,100 to around 2,700-2,900ish (enough to put on around 1lb/week for me, maybe a little less), go to the gym, and do an OVT workout. Would my body be “shocked” into muscle growth, adding a few lbs of muscle, or would my it say “food! food! how I missed thee!” and just put on a bunch of fat really quick?

Would I have to spend time gradually upping my calories?If so, I don’t know if I have time to do the mini-bulk… but if I could do it this way, I think I will. I’m missing my high-volume workouts, and my high-volume food, too.

Thank you very much.