Mini Blast in Progress w/ Bloods

I am on trt and have been for 3 years. I have been enjoying the results but want more. I am prescribed 180mg/wk but I take 126mg/wk (36mg EOD). I have enough extra to do trt for 12 weeks and then 300mg/wk for 12 weeks and repeat. I do regular bloods with my regular doc every 6 months and I’ll do my own labs while on blast.

I am taking 86mg test C EOD and 500iu hcg e4d.

On TRT I have tapered off the anastrozole. I do have some 0.125mg caps and 1mg tabs I could take.

I am currently in week 8 of my 300mg/wk cycle and got blood results back.

I am 35 year old male
5’ 11" 190 lb 20%bf
bench 290lb
OHP 180lb
dead 450lb
squat 375lb

I don’t test 1RM but I’ve been hitting various new rep maxes every day for the last 4 or 5 weeks.

If I wasn’t on trt already I wouldn’t consider doing any blasts, but I figure if I’m already shutdown there aren’t too many cons.

I don’t really feel any side effects of the high e2. It seems like the total test isn’t very high, but maybe its good for the amount I’m injecting.

Is my hematocrit too high and should I donate soon?

Eat half a grapefruit a day. Your number isn’t crazy, but keep an eye on it.

Those are your numbers on 126mg/wk? If so… too high. I personally wouldn’t run that dose with those numbers for a lifetime especially considering what they are doing to your hematocrit. You should lower dose so your number is in top of normal range which would in turn lower your E2. Since you are not having E2 related problems its nothing to worry about but still. Get in range and then run your blasts 1-2 per year if so desired. Also, no need to continue to pay for testing LH/FSH. Just a waste of money.

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No this is at 300mg/wk. That why I think that maybe it isn’t very high.

My last trt total t=750, e2=25.

My hematocrit has been consistently 47 for the last 3 years on trt. After 8 weeks at 300mg, it went up to 52. I’m just worried it’ll keep going up for the next 4 weeks and then I wouldn’t be able to donate.

This was a prepackaged panel. Having the LH/FSH tested was cheaper than buying only the test and E2 tests. This was the cheapest package I found that had cbc, cmp, total t, and sensitive e2.

Ok 10-4 that makes more sense. As @iron_yuppie said… its not that bid of a deal for a short period. Makes sense on the testing. Good luck with blast.