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Mineral Water, Good or Bad?


Is Mineral (carbonated, soda) water regarded as a soft drink and thus to be avoided or does it have good qualities?
Because I absolutely love it.


Ummm, if its just carbonated water then its still just water so drink up.

If its some sort of flavoured shit with sugar then no.

Come on dude,

Aerated water is water.

Fizzy-shit is sugar syrup.


If you have to ask this question, you've clearly given it no thought. Whatsoever. At all? WTF? Soda is "bad" because it has sugar. Soda - sugar, without bad ingredients...but you have to ask?


Man what are you trying to say? soda water doesn't have sugar in it, at least not mine. diet coke doesn't have sugar in it either, but that doesn't automatically mean it's "clean food". I'm asking if the fact that the water is carbonated has something positive or negative about it.


Well, I have found that the carbonation causes digestion problems in my case. I dont know how general that is though.

On the other hand, from all I have read, there is no advantage in drinking this stuff over tap water. However, if you can get a fancy filter (reverse osmosis) for your home that would help remove any impurities.


What effect do you imagine the carbon dioxide could possibly have?


Guys, what I'm really only asking is if carbonated water is regarded as a soft drink, or is it in the same category as regular water, I'm not asking if it has any additional health benefits that tap water doesn't provide, I'm only asking if it can be regarded as water in general instead of soft drink.


Technically, if they're superloading it with CO2, then I would think it'd be more acidic than normal (CO2 + H20 --> H2CO3 (carbonic acid)).

But I really don't know the process of what they do and I think you're overthinking it. I say it's water, no calories, it's fine, drink it.


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I tried a mineral water once (mistook it for reg. water)... tasted like crap.


Bushy nailed it.

It's acidic water basically. Whether that is a plus or a minus or a non-issue depends on you.


Global warming.


Cola May Weaken Bones

Cola soft drinks are associated with low bone mineral density (BMD), according to a new study out of Boston. Cola drinks contain phosphoric acid, which may adversely affect bone; and caffeine is suspected to lower BMD as well. Other non-cola carbonated drinks did not show the same bond-damaging results. Researchers suggested more research is needed to confirm the findings. Read about the study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, October 2006, Volume 84, Number 4.


If it's a concern the buy the non carbonated version. Non carbonated mineral water is called 'still' mineral water. Whole foods has one that's reasonably priced, if you've got one of those near you. Mineral water is great, esp if you workout outside, or you sweat alot (loss of electrolytes).

I was having cramping issues on days following my crossfit routines, and the mineral water helped a great deal with that. I was sweating out too much of the minerals (I train throughout the year in Houston, so July/August is kind of rough). This can be a problem if the multi you take is mineral deficient, as was mine during this period.