Mineral Ice/Icey Hot/Bengay

i bought some mineral ice the other day, but i was wondering, other than feeling pretty damn awesome, does this have actual recovery benefits?

i put some on my tris, shoulders, chest, etc. before i went to the gym for ME Upper day and i was able to lift heavier than last week. placebo or not, ill take it!

Pretty much a combination of placebo and the soothing/warming action of rubbing your skin. The ingredients themselves never even make it to the muscle. thats my understanding at least

Strictly speaking, it’s not a placebo. It’s not like you’re imagining that burning sensation when you rub it on your balls.

true, but i guess what i was wondering is, is it doing something similar to rubbing down with ice, etc.

also, the alternating hold/cold showers, how effective are they? the past week or so ive done a hot/cold shower maybe 4-5 times. basically, i take a normal shower, but theres a 10 minute or so period where im doing roughly 90 sec hot, 30 sec cold. i dont think ive been doing it long enough to tell whether or not it actually helps that much, so im hoping others can chime in here. for me, its kind of a double edged sword- each time i do this, i swear the “cold” portions are getting freakin colder, but the effect when you step out of the shower is pretty damn cool.

as a side note- this “mineral ice” doesnt seem to burn. there have been points where it is so cold that i cant really tell the difference at first, whether it is burning or freezing, but the accidental contact with the balls doesnt burn like typical bengay type stuff. specifically, yesterday i was applying it to my hamstrings, while wearing boxer briefs. i hiked the legs up a bit, so that i was essentially covered as if i was wearing tighty whiteys, and i applied the stuff. somehow some got to my right ball, but it didnt burn.

i definitely felt the tingle, but it wasnt uncomfortable at all. basically, i already love this stuff. feels really nice on sore muscles, doesnt burn the balls. id like it even more if i knew it was doing more than just masking pain/soreness.

btw- just because slight contact doesnt burn the balls, i have not intentionally applied it to the balls, so just because my slight contact didnt burn, i am not suggesting anyone go apply this shit liberally to their balls!