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Mine May Not Be Yours...

After being on this site almost from the beginning, it’s seems like at LEAST once/year we have to do an “attitude check” and remember something important:

Your goals may not be ANOTHER person’s goals…

If you want to be a “Gym Fat Boy”, an “Underwear Model” or just a slob who likes to throw around weights…that’s cool with me…

What we all need to do is chill sometimes with the criticism of someone who may WANT to be slender and ripped AS WELL AS “Hyooge”…and celebrate each ones accomplishments…

Well that’s it!..(Until next year!)


I haven’t been on this sight for all that long, but I have noticed people’s tendancy to push their own goals on everyone else. It’s annoying, and it really should be kept in check. But, I guess with bodybuilding comes a bunch of egos, so we’ll just have to deal with it.

Great Post!

[quote]Mufasa wrote:

Your goals may not be ANOTHER person’s goals…

I agree with that and I am guilty of comparing someone else’s progress to what I would like to see. I do remember, however, when this board seemed to be filled with more people who were trying to hit their peak of strength and development instead of what seems to be a growing “metrosexual” population with goals to look like Ricky Martin/Brad Pitt. I personally don’t understand the goal of being “average” physically because in my own experience, I know many people who didn’t have to train to have “abs”. To work hard at only that goal seems like a huge waste of time. To go even further and become someone who can quote 15 different routines and scientific studies but spends much less time actually lifting really heavy weights confuses me even more. But, to each his own, I guess.

how about all the people who don’t know how to use this site and don’t read all the info there is. Or those who want a certain goal but refuse to follow the basic principles that are needed to accomplish that goal even though people repeat them over and over again. laters pk

PK - those people aren’t the people who have different goals, those are the ones with the different abilities. For instance, they usually don’t have the ‘just shut the fuck up and do it’ ability. : ) But, everyone needs a kick in the ass once in a while.

The Lion speaks. Listen to the wise king of the jungle.

Great Post. Not a thing to add, just a big THANK YOU!!! and well said.