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Mind Control

What do you all do to avoid overeating, binges, etc. while dieting?

When the urge to eat comes, do something to take your mind off of the hunger. Work out, do some push ups, go for a walk etc. Or do some visualization. Picture some distgusting fat lady naked, or imagine yourself eating something really nasty. Also, you could gulp down some water - it will make your stomach feel full.

I don’t. What I’ve done instead is to train my body so that I allow myself a binge every Friday night–taking my wife out for a date and getting really greasy chicken fajitas with cheese and sour cream–if I’ve been able to go to the gym 4 or more times (not in a row, of course). That way my binge has become a normal, anticipated event, so my appetite does not try to take control during the week anymore. It’s a reward, not an obstacle, and I make sure to do a killer leg day the next day (every Saturday).

Ok here’s what usually works for me… when I see food I really want (like chocolate) when on a diet, I just imagine that feeling I have when I’ve had too much of the food I’m craving. So like I’d imagine that sick feeling you have after eating a slab or two of chocolate. That usually puts me off… temporarily… hehe.

Drink a bunch of water and psyllium husk or celery, puts hunger off for a while.

Also try fucking… you usually forget about the stomach then, with no partner and when all else fails… masturbate.

Good Question, man. I like a lot of your answers, as they all came to mind when I thought about it. One thing I’d like to add is when I’m starving for something- say pizza. I love the smell. So what i do is I just smell it non-stop for like 5 minutes, and I visualize eating plenty of it, and after I’m full from it, there’s even plenty more. Another thing I try is I make it a battle against being average, and I tell myself “only average people eat that stuff”. But, the biggest thing that I’ve tried that realy works- Try drinking a glass or two of diet coke about 20 minutes before a meal. I read about the appetite suppressant effects of phenylalanine- so I tried it. It could also be the carbonation. But I’m not in the mood to eat anymore.