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Mind Control



what do you think?
want your kids being hypnotised without your knowledge?
whythefuck does a high school principal know how to hypnotise people?




is it to be seen with us or within? perhaps this can too be seen



Even if we recognised the truth
we still wouldnt look within

everything that changes
must somewhere begin


other things that can be told may not be experienced
only by us together but not as one
she saw it the same way both times and thought that this meant she really knew it

to the first
to the first


if she were only older
then I would too.


Have you tried her lately?


She, the one who sat, and will continue to sit...
'Txist the scholar and the drunkard...
Nights spent in the arms of Bacchus...
Perchance, for what? And for whom?..
I ask to borrow her 0.5mm flow-rite pen...
And only I remain...



Keep on listening to
Overly self-medicated
Hippies and some
Day you will
All me
Disecting your brain

Quietly your
Unassuming brain
Turned to

Instant noodles
That are good to no one!

First time is the

Fish can't
Uunderstandt the
K'irk and
Spock left behind

Sometimes I
Ask my
Kindergarten class to
Entertain me with nonsense.


i don't know too much about hypnotics. But what I read was that it's pretty damn easy to get hypnotized if you volunteer to be, otherwise it's not very possible .



^^OH man why'd you have to go and post something actually about mind control?


Seriously though, on topic, I can't say as I've ever experienced it firsthand myself. I have seen a friend eat one by nibbling along the sides full circle, but then he ran out of biscuit so I thought - nah, I'd rather just have an ice-cream.









Never have I met a cumulus cloud that I didn't like, or at least empathize with...
It's the altostratus clouds that are filled with pomp and circumstance...
Never to be, never is, and never was...
Why does she interpret my vacant stare to be a threat??