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MIND/ Body Connection

I took quantum physics last semester, what do you take from this topic? Also, do you have any book suggestions? Jim, I’m gonna check that out, thanks.

The problem with taking QM in actual physics classes is almost all the profs ignore the cool weird stuff about it. Since you have the mathematical background there are a few good books you can check out. One, I can’t remember the name is by David Albert. The other is by Rick Hughes called The structure and Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. Another good book is The philosophical consequnces of quantum mechanics. This only focuses on Bell’s theorem, though, not the measurement problem. Note, the first two books rely heavily upon linear algebra not diff eq. like they do in physics classes, in high order QM they use linear but not usually in classes. Some other good ones, more for the layman. The Tao of Physics. The dancing wu-li masters. Bohm stuff, Wholeness and the implicate order. More technical is The undivided universe written with B.J. Hiley. Another good one which is on Bohm stuff is The holographic universe. I did a lot of work and writing on Bohm’s interpretation so I really know that stuff rather well. There are others but that is all for now.

For quantum mechanics, look at the Course in Theoretical Physics by Lev Landau. There are I think 9 volumes & 2 cover quantum mechanics, both relativistic & non-relativistic. Also look at Quantum ELectrodynamics from the same set. The Feynman Lectures are good too. That stuff about not knowing whether something exists or not unless you look sounds like Schrodinger’s cat. Schrodinger said imagine there’s a cat in a closed opaque box with one end of a hammer just balanced over a chunk of cyanide, which was inside the box, & the other end outside. There was a piece of radioactive material sitting under the other end of the hammer making it decay, which would mess up the balance of the hammer making it smash the block of cyanide. You could never tell whether the cat was dead or not unless you looked.

Whopper - your situation is difficult because you get an athlete for such a short time (that is correct right). Your answers come in the development of a warrior and military philosophy. From the standpoint of wanting to crush an athlete - well, as a few have see, I have on a few occasions decided to settle things on my terms. I cannot stand athletes who dont train as if there lives depended on it. I want them to respect their teammates enough to work hard and respect themselves enough to be the best they can be. - Give me some ideas on how long you have with an athlete and maybe I can help. In faith, Coach Davies

Coach, your looking at a minimum of 3 years to get a black belt…many dont make it that far because the classes are structured as follows: beginner is 80% motivational, 20% physical, intermediate is 50% motivational, 50% physical, and advanced is 20% motivational and 80% physical. Black belt classes are just plain brutality with all students having to meet Navy SEAL fitness levels. Many of the younger students by the time they reach intermediate level have this attitude of cockiness…so they have been with us 6 to 12 months…with 18 to 24 to go. I dont mind the cockiness (it would be the pot calling the kettle black in my case :slight_smile: ) but I do not like the cocky students who refuse to do anything more than spar opponents who are below their level…just so they can strut around and feel good about themselves…the same ones who avoid competitions like they are the plague. How do you reach these students…usually 16 to 22 in age…who think they know it all…but on the other hand refuse to push themselves to excell? I did take one and level him in the ring, but then he left and never returned…I don’t quite think that was the solution (but it felt damn good)…so there HAS to be a way to reach this type of student…I just don’t know what it is.

Whooper-you sound like the coach I want for my team. - Look I you may have the wrong coach about “turning it down” - I do a lousy job at it and most players know that dealing with me is a step closer to the edge. Be yourself and lead through example. No that doesnt mean dropping your athletes (you’ve got to improve on that, no matter how good it feels) but make sure they know you can still bring it. Everyone of my athletes hates it when I train with them because they know I am more ruthless on myself than I could ever be on them. Lets talk more of motivation - how much history/theory are you able to talk with them about. - In faith, Coach Davies

Coach, as far as history and motivation, I know the history of my art very well, and can cite most of the outstanding athletes / warriors who have participated. I am also a big fan of Sun-Tsu, and the military philosopies he espoused. As a student of this school, I do my best to help the lesser in rank, and usually take quite a few “hopeless” cases under my wing…working on one now…6’3" and 135 pound guy…great flexibility…but he NEEDS some meat on those bones!! Not to brag, but I am one of the top two in strength in the school,(I think I am #1…but that is an ongoing debate with the other student :slight_smile: ) and do rather well in competitions (being 6’5" and 250 does tend to help in this area) so I have a lot of students who look to me for motivation, and I usually push them quite hard. As I stated however, trying to reach these late teen/early twenties bullies…is hard. Trying to get them to understand the need for dicipline is like banging your head against a wall. ESPECIALLY when they realize they may have to bow to a 14 year old because he outranks them…as well as calling him “sir”. In your coaching…do you use different tecniques for dealing with this age bracket as opposed to older athletes? After a while they will maintain discipline, however the surliness is always just under the surface…is this just a matter of waiting until they mature more? or is there a different way to reach them??

listen I BELIEVE in the power of the mind I just don’t know if it can be “taught” in the real world. to quote an expert in another field about boxers useing visulization, hypnosis, ect… " those guys usualy go out on their back" Teddy Atlas. again not that I do not believe in it, just that I think you are born w/it or not.although if you ARE born w/it I think you may be able to improve on it

Steve thanks for giving me a fucking migraine!!! Who the hell do you get your drugs off of cause I want some of that shit. Just bugging ya. Actually very cool topic I have quite a few books on the subject but they have been pushed aside for other books at the moment(Training books). Natey could you not just knock on the box and hear if the Cat makes a noise or not? Kidding of course. Coach Davies how does quantum physics relate to sports? Do your athletes say stuff like Steve says instead of talking trash to confuse their opponents? Kidding again. I’m really interested in the correlation bewteen the two. I feel a paradigm shift coming. As for the mind playing a part in physical events(training to sports to life and death) I fully believe this and have experienced this myself. To bad you couldn’t just will yourself to heal. Heheh. :slight_smile:


you have a solid point but I just cant stop believing that some of my athletes sucess has to be atributed to this. In faith, Coach Davies

I’m sure some of their progress has been, but I would probably bet it was YOUR idea and not theirs, I say that because although every athlete has a desire to improve I think SOMETIMES when an athlete seeks out hypnosis,ect… he is almost saying he has some self doubt, I hope you know what I mean when I say that, it is NOT a knock on the concept, I just think if you look inside the head of the “greats” in any sport (especialy for violent sports) they have that confidence or arogance inside them, kinda like marciano had inside him what other athletes are looking for when THEY seek these things out. remember I am not trying to knock it and I hope you can understand where I’m comeing from 'cause I know I have not done a great job of explaining it , its kinda just what I have always “felt”

I might want to re-read your point, but I think I am total agreement with you. Matter-of-fact you’ve got a real warrior mentality. You are right - I implant victory into the head. Conversely I teach my athletes to implant DEFEAT into their competitors. I teach the “3 D’s” dedicate, destroy and demoralize. Not nice, but my clients do not pay me to be nice, just to win - In faith, Coach Davies

coach (and I hope you don’t mind me just calling ya’ coach) I am glad you “feel me” 'cause I know I don’t always put my opinions into words all that great.oh, and I think a great ex. of what we were talking about is on the other thread about Armstrong, he has what others try to learn already inside him! peace

Coach Davies, what’s your take on Anthony Robbins’ work, and how do you feel about technologies such as NLP and NAC- neuro associative conditioning in sports/ weight lifting? I know Skip LaCour is a big advocate of Robbins and his work, and he’s done quite well.

Strass-first in mental prep, if it works for you, then its great. Because of my work in sports, I need to use a medium that can be applied in a team setting and individually and convey an image to the athletes. Personally, possibly because of my own upbringing and that I study military history, I choose work of this manner. I know of one outstanding O-Lineman who uses a peculiar visualization, that he is protecting not the quarterback but his baby daughter. I may not be scientific but he’s been playing a long time. - I would enjoy speaking more of this, In faith, Coach Davies

Wow, thats actually a pretty awesome idea. If you think about it, you’d do almost anything in the world to defend a baby. Having the just the thought of protecting the baby makes it real in your brain. This would automatically trigger a primal response of saving the baby. But… is there a point of diminishing returns on this particular- such as the brain becomes accustomed to the stimulus, and therefore tones it down a bit? Probably a bit much to be answered. This opened up an entirely new tool for me. Whenever I visualized, the visualization would be pre- running a version of what I want to happen, then going out and trying to match that with all the intensity I could muster. But… with this added dimension, I could stimulate greater intensity by substituting things even more precious that a football, lifting weights etc. For example, instead of just having a great set of deadlifts, I would be lifting a car off of my girlfriend or something. Thanks coach!