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Mind Blowing Bodyweight Video


I found this video on youtube of Hannibal!
Worth a Look!

DAMN!!!! BEAST!!!!!!!!!!


Oh goodie...here we go again...

...and while we're at it, how's crossfit?


brother, I think that Crossfit is great as long as you are talking of General Physical Preparedness or GPP, but if you want to become stronger, I dont really think personally in my opinion that it is the best way.

To this Progressive Calisthenics or Weight Training is the answer.

But then like any sane and real world trainer I would prefer Calisthenics over Weight Training since Calisthenics does much more for your health than Weight Training.

Opinions may Differ :slightly_smiling:

Cheers :slightly_smiling:


This video has been posted hundreds of times, use the search function



Guy is strong, but he's no where near one of the strongest bar athletes in the world. Most of the skills he's doing there are done with sloppy form, which makes them easier, or fairly low level from a gymnastics standpoint. I do agree though that bodyweight training can be great if you know how to progress with it and are willing to put in the time.

Now this, this is someone who is truly exceptionally strong on bodyweight skills:

This guy's pretty strong as well:

Not bad either:


im hoping to be able to start gymnastics when i go to uni next year.
bit late to start at 22 but it looks so fun and i dont want to ever compete or anything


I joined gymnastics at 18, it was well worth it. Keep your shoulders healthy though.


And this is why I have so much respect and admiration for the gymnasts.