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Mind Altering Success?


First off, T-Nation has been an enormous help in getting me back in shape. Nonetheless, there are some questionable routines in my so called healthy lifestyle that I still indulge in, once in awhile. However, I found one indulgence seems to help me in my workout.

I found out that whenever I smoke some pot before I work out, I can train more intensely. I lift heavier loads and can do more exercises. In addition, I guess it goes without saying, but I have a great appetite and I recover faster. So my questions are: Is this just me? Are there any others out there who have experience the same? Is there any explanation why this may be occurring?


Yes, smoking a joint before workout allows you to lift superslow, which is good according to Mike Mentzer.



Good question!

What I'm wondering is:

1) Are post-workout cold hot dogs, Cheetos and twinkies P+C...or P+F?

2) Do your dread locks get caught in the bar when you do back squats?

Just wondering...



I'm sure, like any dread sporting athlete, he has the proper head attire to keep the dreads neatly tucked away.


This is just like eveyrone who thinks they are a better driver when they drink because "they concentrate more."

If you really are lifting more weight after smoking, then you just aren't pushing yourself hard enough during workouts. There have been several threads started saying basically the same thing you said...really man, c'mon, you can't be serious.


Don't know if it applies to lifting, but I've played basketball(high school, JUCO, etc.) with a lot of guys who swore that smoking before they played helped them play better, and most of these guys could flat-out ball, run all day, and jump out of the gym. I asked some of them why they think it helps and they say that it relaxes them and helps them focus and get into the zone where they don't think and just play. So,really it is just whatever works for you.


I can see that helping with bball. Never tried it though, haven't smoked in almost a yr!! Will try it soon. :-))


Well it does seem to work for the NBA.


Pot is not helping you lift more, its only potential benefit is the fact that its increasing your hunger. I hate when I smell pot at the gym or see guys who are high, it makes me sick. Out of all the supplements, aids or drusg you could take you smoke pot before you hit the gym. One word, WOW. Suck it up and grow up you pussy hippy.


there's plenty of really strong dudes who smoke everyday. i've been on training rides w/ a russian speed skater who would light up a cigarette on the bike. and i know a us olympic nordic skier who told me (over a joint at our summer job)the whole team are dope fiends. sure i know , i know , we've never been hot shit at nordic skiing yadayada.

i doubt anyone on earth would say that hitting the b allows for optimum training-physically speaking. and obviously the more you hit it the further from optimum you get. still, if it works for you mentally, (the mind is very powerful) and you're getting results, i'd say that smoking and training is better than no training at all.

just don't have any accidents.


Ah yes, ingesting smoke into your lungs is always the route I choose to enhance my workouts. You know what else I like to do for a warmup is punch myself in the nuts, it really gets me pissed off. You guys should try it.


"You shouldn't do drugs 'cuz drugs are for hippies - and hippies suck"

--Eric Cartman




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you don't have to smoke it, that is unless you like smoking. you could have a cookie. or use a vaporizer.


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how is this trolling ?
lots of people ask this same question. further, many, many, many, world class athletes use herb. i find that interesting.



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