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Min age for thyroid supplements?

I just finished reading in the Thyroid Handbook and one of the things it says is that thyroid hormones play a role in “development and growth as a child”. Of course I’m not a child, but I don’t think I’m done growing (19). Is there a minimum age that one should wait for to start using thyroid supplements?

I think a more important question is, Why do you think you want to use thyroid supplements? And how do those supplements work?

Even if there are guidelines for minimum age here, if there are disadvantages, such as suppression, from using a supplement, then you cannot really know how it will affect you until you try it. People mature at different rates, and their systems respond differently to treatments. Any recommendations are going to be based on statistical averages over a sample – and you may be far from average in the distribution, or even an outlier. So when it comes to the possibility of suppression, you as an individual don’t want to rely on sample averages anyway.

Paul, I know you’re looking for a fix, a solution, a “magic pill,” but I hate to see you headed in this direction. T3, along with upregulating the metabolism, is highly catabolic, burning fat and muscle equally. It is possible to diet down using a thyroid supplement, losing more muscle than fat and further downregulating your metabolism. How would you like to be smaller and fatter? Not the goal, I’m sure.

It is truly a drug for those who know their body intimately and how it responds to different macronutrient ratios and caloric intake. It is never taken without anabolic support (by those in the know). I would recommend that you post your messaage on the Steroid Forum where the experts reside, because even though it’s not a steroid, that’s where you’re headed and what you’re talking about.

So I’m guessing that’s a yes? There is a minimum age?

No, I’m not looking for some magic pill; I’m just trying to gather information about supplements in general. I just want to learn!