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Milos Speaks!


Any of you taking AAS should know who Milos Sarcev is and if you don't he is known as Milos 'The Mind' Sarcev and he is a person in the bodybuilding community who is responsible for the training, nutrition, and drug protocols of a lot of today's top pros.

He talkes about drugs and nutrition here and this is definitely worth a listen.



oops forgot to mention that he doesn't ever advocate taking more than 750mg Test per week. He says in some cases maybe 1g. He said that pretty much every Olympia competitor can get to that stage on 750mg/Wk Test. He said even staking he would go higher than that with other drugs as well. I believe he stays around the 1.5g total AAS per week mark with rare cases going higher...for PROFESSIONAL BODYBUILDERS. Now this isn't mentioning peptides which, as we know, can make a huge difference than AAS alone.

I was happy to see this to hopefully but all those 'this pro takes 12g gear a week' stories...not that there isn't some weird stuff out there. lol


He says he has 4 different steroids at a time Anabolic oral, Anabolic Inj, Androgenic Inj, Androgenic oral...he goes on to give an example.

I'm typing as I'm listening. lol


Interesting broadcast!! The announcer stated that HGH (or any peptide) reconstituted in bacteriostatic water degrades to the point of being worthless after 48 hours. They are doing another show on Monday with details. BBB, what say you???


Interesting Milos' point also about a keto diet refeed (5 days low carb - 1 day refeed). He recommends eating 1000g of carbs but 0 fat as he contends fat will be immediately shuttled to fat storage on a refeed.


I haven't heard directly from his mouth but I was told by a credible guy that he used to carb load in that fashion for a couple days prior to a show. So basically get super flat then minimize the fats and take in 1000g carbs a day a few days out...


Yeah, I don't know if you had time to listen to the whole show but he said one guy he trains needs 1500g on a refeed and he broached pre-show strategies too.


Yea I listened to the whole thing. I enjoyed it because his gym Koloseum is one of the gyms I train at.


Good stuff. Refreshing to hear his common sense approach to the bodybuilding lifestyle.


I am not going to address a matter of Milos Sarcev individually because I don't know him. And I have not read his works or have any information regarding what he says or has said at differing times. Don't take these comments as being inside knowledge regarding him, but rather being in general.

It's not unusual for many people to be inconsistent in what they say, including in the field of being a "steroid guru." I can think of one that I know that back in the day, he advocated testosterone at 4 g/week. Even recently he has posted examples of his cycles when competing and they were solid amounts of juice.

But take another quote of his, and he says for example that 250 mg/week testosterone every three days is optimal. No qualifications: just optimal, period, as a straight and direct answer to a simple question of what was best.

Read just that quote, and oh, how refreshing to know that they don't really use that much!

It most certainly is not the norm, if it ever happens at all, for pros to get where they are without using more than 750 mg/week. I would also not be surprised -- but do not know -- that if having more information on what Sarcev has said over time, that he is not really saying that this is what people use or that he would really recommend for anyone to limit themselves to if they want the most results for themselves. If it were the case that that is his belief, he would be wrong. Seems more likely that this is another case of a person speaking inconsistently, and taking a single thing they've said and getting a general picture from it results in an incorrect general picture.


thanks for chiming in Bill.

this is also a bump to make sure the rest of you get a chance to listen. It's not everyday you get one of bodybuilding's so called 'gurus' talking somewhat openly about drugs.


What's the rationale behind changing gear every 4 weeks? He mentioned how in a 12 week cycle, he would recommend changing 3 times and he went on to give examples.


Idk why that was specifically but I'd guess that it would be due to the look certain steroids will yield. A lot of it will deal with the amount of water it causes you to hold, etc.

I wasn't soo confused with that as I was the class I and II in both oral and inj the entire time.


It is supposed to keep receptors 'fresh' - and allow gains to continue without stagnating(sp?) in longer cycles. IME (nowhere near milos' of course) i find one change of drug in a 12 week period decent to keep gains coming.

I am not personally convinced in how necessary it is - i mean, a receptor just knows if it has activity at it by a binding drug, not what type of drug is binding especially by the time a drug activates an AR it is just an androgen AFAIK. HOWEVER i would be lying if i said it isnt a protocol i dont employ.
There is something about the classifications of AAS that lead me to suspect there may be a benefit in changing tdrugs with different AR binding strengths. This thought process is using the cycle example where one non-AR mediated AAS is used alongside one AR mediated AAS. The non-AR AAS is most often Test, and the AR mediated steroid is usually changed.

I personally run 4 week cycles often.. sometimes 2, 3 or more added together with different compounds, all frontloaded of course - so this includes longer esters too. I also run 8 week cycles of one compound as a maximum, but may have considerably longer on.
A visual example is; 4on, 4on, 8off/6on, 6on, 4on, 16off/8on, 4on, 4on, 6on, etc..
I (personally) also change the Test ester often - this is kind of redundant by my reasoning, however it is as much about having access to all kinds of products and using up equal amounts of them, as much as the possibility of having a non-stagnating effect. I do use dbol as a non-AR steroid fairly regularly too, and sometimes just use TRT dose test while using dbol and an AR mediated steroid. Proviron would suffice in this situation.

I hope this makes sense.

I wonder if someone could take the time to highlight more of the article? - I dont have sound on this computer... :frowning:



its kind of hard to highlight but the things that stood out for me

he said he doesn't advocate more than 750mg/wk of test
he switches drugs every 4 weeks
a cycle consists of an anabolic oral + anabolic inj + androgenic oral + androgenic inj.
he mentioned not going over 750mg/wk of any drug.
some of the cycles he outlined seem to fall in the 1.5g-2g gear/week range.

didn't touch on slin/gh/other peptides :frowning:

talks quite a bit about diet and such as well.

I'd suggest finding a speak bud lol :wink: It's a decent listen for all of us who like learning as much as we can about this topic. Plus as I mentioned, it's not ED that you hear a 'guru' ,that is known to train olympia competitors, speak :slight_smile:

hows everything been with you lately anyways Brook?


Certainly it is logical to assume diminishing returns after a certain point with steroids.

Whether or not it is at or around 2 grams a week, who can say.


Reminds me of a sample cycle Palumbo offered in an MD. He worked up to a gram of test and IMO it was really over kill for a beginner. If memory serves me correct it was his offering for a beginner or something. The advice that guru's give, even when they are coming from the best sources ala Milos, Roberto, etc, are all over the board. My take is to find what works for you and tweak it to your liking. I would still be receptive to the input of wise men and modify my protocol if the facts are overwhelming mind you. Good post Gerd.


He did touch on GH dosing and carb intake for a few minutes as well as his view on longer duration peptides. Brook, it is definitely worth a listen. Make it happen.


really? I had to stop it at work and I noticed when I pushed play again I was in a different spot.

That blows...

oh well I'll have to listen to it again...or maybe just go to talk to Milos myself and see if he won't charge me LOL


I like the idea of switching compounds up every 4 weeks or so, sounds kind-of in the same ballpark as Dante's blast and cruise approach (something I'm going to try this summer, so I'll let you know how that goes).