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Milos Sarcev On Olympia -

Check out this interview with Milos Sarcev from the Olympia.


regardless of his personal axes to grind with the IFBB, the dude speaks straight.

He has plenty of harsh words for the IFBB, and I happen to agree with almost everything he says.

“the shows is judged by names exclusively, not be conditioning”

“if they start judging the physiques you’ll have a completely different story”

“its sad when bodybuilders are asked, would you like to have the body of mr. olympia and they say “hell no”. so what does it tell you?”

wtf, all the previous responses are gone now, just disappeared

its like a conspiracy, heh

Yeah I was so confused because I was pretty sure I had said two things on this thread.


I think you are onto something. Let’s whisper though or else they might come after us.

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