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What is MILO and where can I get a look?
Nate Dawg(orDog excuse me if i got it wrong) I think I saw you say something about it

Ironmind publishes the journal MILO. This is the company that also makes the Captains of Crush grippers that were reviewed in one of the Stuff We like articles. Ironmind has a website where their products can be ordered.

Milo is quarterly strength/strongman journal put out by Ironmind, you can check it out and order from their website.

Grant, if you are interested in pure strength, then MILO is for you! It contains training, motivation, history, etc. Most of the stuff revolves around Highland games, Strongman contests, Olympic lifting, Barrel and rock lifting, Arm wrestling, occassionally powerlifting, and other strength-related articles.

I have been subscribing since 1997, and bought almost all the back issues as well. It is published March, June, October and December. Definitely check it out at Ironmind’s website. It’s worth the $40 a year subscription.

It also has articles by John McCallum (From his Keys to Progress book), Ken Leistner, Bill Starr, Anthony Ditillo, Pavel Tsatsouline and a few other well-known strength gurus. I’ve enjoyed reading about the oldtime bodybuilders and atheletes too (Grimek, Kono, Paul Anderson, Milos Steinborn(sp?), Pete George, Maurice Jones, etc). I highly recommend it. MILO and T-mag are the only “muscle” magazines/journals that I subscribe too (besides Penthouse and Gallery, of course!).

Grant: In my opinion, MILO’s quality has declined a little over the past year or so, but it’s still an outstanding publication. Also, if you haven’t already done so, I recommend that you check out a magazine entitled “Hardgainer”, which is published by Stuart McRoberts (the author of the “Brawn” series).