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Anybody see the 3 “inspiration” photo’s in Milo Magazine this month??
The author says they were 3 photo’s that really inspired him. The oriental lifter squatting(sorry, forgot his name and nationality) is awesome.That’s what you call keeping tight while squatting. Looks like his traps are going to explode. The pic of Jouko Ahola’s back is FREAKISH!

Any way you can post those up on this thread?

I wish I could, I was scanning the net today looking for them ( I saw them in a friends issue ). If anyone has the issue, maybe scan the pics if that’s legal.

wenhua cui
i tried to do a search, but only found comp results. my scanner decided to crap out on top of it.

Thanks for the info. I ordered a Milo subscription last night…it’ll be a couple weeks but I’ll scan them when I get the book.