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Million Little Pieces


I know we're all a little late on this, but I was wondering what every thought about James Frey and his 'truthiness'.

I actually have an odd perspective on the book since I LITERALLY read it on the plane to rehab. It struck me as true at the time(even though I didn't like the writing that much), but as time went by, I found myself calling Bullshit more and more.

Specifically, the root canal part. I know there are a lot of tough people on this site, both internet tough guys and real-life tough guys, but having gone through a root canal under MASSIVE amounts of novacaine, know that know human being could do it without anesthetic.

So, what are everyone's thoughts? Pissed at the guy? Don't care? Other?


I am a recovered alcoholic/addict for about 1.5 yrs. I have been in and out or AA, and treatment centres before that for over 5 years, so i could totally relate to what he was writing about. (In the recovery centres, the feelings of anger/despair/guilt/remorse/fear)

I dont care if he embelished it, or even lied, it served its purpose. He made it. And i've known enough addicts and drunks to know we all embelish the truth... kinda like bodybuilders and PR's... lol...

I'm not interested in any debate on memoir fact checking etc, i dont care, it was a good read...


before this all exploded he was slated to speak locally here in the city, i thought of going, it was $90 a ticket!!! I laughed out loud, and that was when i separated my sobriety form his, i am here to help the struggling alcoholic/addict, because it keeps me sober, not for cash.


I believe it was Mark Twain who said, "When the myth becomes greater than the truth, write the myth". Or something like that. For whatever that is worth...


I know someone who had a root canal without anesthetic, and it didn't hurt a bit. The main nerve was already dead (rotted out, I suppose).

When I was eight years old my dentist told me that my cavity was "just a little one", that no novocaine would be needed, and to raise my hand if it got to be too painful. I had my hand up the whole time, but that sadist just kept on drilling.


It was fun watching him get buttslammed by Oprah.
She had to perform her own version of a root canal to get the dude to admit that he lied about just about everything in the book though. The guy obviously has a serious problem with honesty. Once you disspell all of the lies, his story falls apart and it becomes apparent he was realy just another drunk/addict, and realy not even very good at that.

Overall- I'd say he's pathetic.

Funniest part though- His tatoo. FTBSITTTD(Fuck The Bullshit, It's Time To Throw Down). What a tough guy. I guess his resolve whithered a bit as he became infantalized on national television.

He must have missed the parts about remaining anonymous, particularly as they pertain to press, radio, and film.

Glad he's not a member.