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Million Dollar Bounty on My Head


Saudi prince offers $900,000 for kidnap of Israeli soldier [added to $100,000 existing bounty]

Saudi royal Prince Khaled bin Talal, has pledged a contribution of $900,000 to a bounty of $100,000 a Saudi cleric offered for anyone who kidnaps an Israeli soldier. The Washington Post reports Prince Khaled bin Talal announced his contribution, which rounds the bounty offer up to $1 million, during a phone interview with Daleel Television. Hamas Politburo Chief Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk, had commented soon after the successful Gilad Schalit deal:

"The pawn [the IDF soldier Shalit who was kidnapped and held prisoner for 5 years] has served its purpose. There is no doubt that the high number of prisoners released has strengthened the movement's position in Palestinian society as well as future trust in Hamas."

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/313615#ixzz1cNuj7sG1


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And hence one of the many reasons we are always armed and situationally aware, as is my wife and are my older daughters. All of us are, of course, military or reserve. All of us have experienced combat in some form.

And all of us are very fit and trained at these sort of things and have pre-planned courses of action.

And I do hire professionals for extra assistance with regularity who have advised on things, as I would normally be a kidnap target, regardless of being Israeli, just due to life status and locations of work.

In short, a harder target than much lower hanging fruit.

It's an annoying way to have to live life, but after people try to kill you for 2,000 years, you catch on.


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I agree entirely. Very disappointed when I heard Bibi had pulled this crap.


I might have reported pat by a mistake, sorry about that.