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Million Dollar Baby


Anyone ever see million dollar baby? Just saw it this weekend, man, im realy not that kinda sappy guy but that is the saddest movie i ever seen.


Yeah, I don't usually cry during movies, but I couldn't fight back the tears with that one.

Good movie though. I recommend it.


The ending to King Kong was pretty sad, too...


I remember watching that in the theaters last year, I was really sad when we got out of the movie house


That movie was so freaking good that I requested a copy from each parent for Christmas. I bawled like a little baby after that movie. One of the best scripted, acted, and directed movies of all time.


Yea, that was a great movie, but I was pissed about the ending.

Some sad, depressing shit.

Not at all how I was expecting it to end, which isn't a bad thing.


Incredible movie. I cried like a baby at the theater, and I had trouble sleeping when I went home.

Clint Eastwood is a brilliant director (and T-Man extrodinaire). All of his movies are refreshingly charcter driven, as opposed to the special effects big budget suckfests that get all the advertising hype.


I watched that movie with a couple of guy friends, and let me tell you, I was battling the tears because I couldnt let them see tears in my eyes. haha

Me "Uh dudes, let's watch the closing credits."

I needed a few extra minutes. haha


I was watching The Daily Show and they gave away the ending before I got a chance to see it. Not cool.


I loathe this movie. I am only thankful I didn't waste $10 on it in the theater.


who dosn't like a movie where Clint Eastwood breaks a woman's neck and then kills her!


He should have used a .44 Magnum.


Oh thanks for giving away the ending! I'll just cross that off my to see list now... :slight_smile:


It was a great movie right up until the point where they tried to depress the living shit out of the audience. I don't intentionally go to see depressing movies, and I was pissed that I got suckered into this one. I don't want to feel like shit after a movie, and I did with this one. The first hour was really good though. My favorite scene was when Morgan Freeman knocked out the one mouthy guy that was beating up on a defenseless Danger.


It seems that any recent Clint Eastwood directed movie is horribly depressing. Mystic River is a good example... that may have been the least uplifting movie I've ever seen.

I mean, even the saddest of movies usually have one or two spots of comic relief, such as Morgan Freeman knocking the teeth out of that asshole in Million Dollar Baby. Mystic River was just unrelenting depression from start to finish.

Anyway, Million Dollar Baby is an amazing movie. Not every movie can have a happy ending, but that was definitely a downer.


That was freaken awesome.


Yep that movie was great. it tried to make me cry.