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Miller vs Guillard


UFC on FX.

Who is going to check out this card? And what are your picks?

I like Guillard but I really don't see him having a chance against Miller, especially if Miller manages to take him down.


Its a coin toss in my opinion, just can't see who should have the edge here. Guillard is as talented and athletic as they come, but has hit a few bumps down the road for not being humble enough, like the J-Lau fight where he came in super cocky and the rest is history.

Miller on the other side is extremely tough, both mentally and physically, and he just won't quit. He spent ages working for that titleshot and blew it against Bendo, and he has yet to prove himself against top competition. Still I think Jim is very under rated by the majority of MMA fans, he is a very hard worker with enough talent to be a potential title contender one day.

Stakes are probably pretty high, a win here and I think either man might be just one or two fights away from titleshot. Both men have their highlight reels already built in terms of facing inferior competition, now its go time and this second chance to get back in the mix is going to be very important for both of these fighters.

I'm pulling for Guillard simply because he is flashier on the feet and there just is something about his super explosive striking that is a true joy to watch, only think I can predict though is that its going to be a very potential fight of the night contender.

Pat Barry is always nice to watch, don't know what to expect from Morecraft though.


After watching the weigh-ins, I fear that Melvin may still be a bit too relaxed. Causes great concern. He needs that chip back on his shoulder.

Morecraft is built funny, and has a horrendous tattoo of his name across his belly. I laughed, then cringed.


I loave to watch Guillard fight for sure. Miller is from a Premiere school and has trained with my head instructor so I kind of want to root for him. I think it will be an exciting fight either way.


Did not watch. How bad was the loss?

And props to Pat for working on his ground game.


Card was surprisingly good.

Guillard really has to improve his ground game. Most the fights he has lost were by submission. He looked totally gutted last night after taping out. Props to Miller for winning. Guillard did shake him a few times with powerful blows and awesome flying knees. Too many flying knees though... and that was the mistake Miller needed to use in order to win...

I'm still amazed at Pat Barry. The way he managed to escape from Morecraft's armbar lock was outstanding. He, at least, has improved his ground game. Great win at the end.

Mike Easton vs Papazian. I was giggling before the start of the fight as they taunted each other. Ridiculously funny. Five rounds were worth watching I must say, full of action as both fighters were just bashing each other non stop, lol. Perfect slugfest.


Yes, Guillard needs to step his game up, completely. He's been a one-trick pony for far too long. Would not surprise me if he got cut.

Haven't watched Barry's fight yet.

Easton is a fucking beast. Always has been.