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Milled vs. Whole Flax Seeds


Is there any difference in buying Flax seeds that are already milled instead of whole seeds?


Its my understanding that your body only can use the milled seeds. I find it quicker and easier to buy them already ground...


Supposedly milled flax seed is easier to digest. I'm not 100% sure on that. But I will say milled mixes easier with everything!


Whole will pass right through your system undigested. Stomach cannot break the skin. So if you use whole, you have to chew it A LOT to break the skin. Get a coffee grinder. It works great.


This is correct. You can get a small coffee grinder cheap at Wal-Mart and grind the whole seeds in a few seconds. I can't imagine anything working better. Two tablespoons added to my oatmeal every morning.


Where are you guys buying flax seeds from? I've searched through my local grocery stores, but I haven't been able to find any in my little town.


I bought a box of milled flax seeds on the aisle at wal mart that has all the baking goods. They also have whole flax seeds with the vitamins at wal mart.


Berardi recommends getting the whole seeds and grinding them in the coffee blender or a regular blender (as someone mentioned above). I think the only problem with premilled seeds is that they only last a couple months, so if you don't use them often enough, they'll lose their potency.

It also turns out that at the place I go to, the whole seeds are significantly cheaper and grinding a cup at a time only takes a minute or so.

Plus, I like using the blender.


Thanks. That's what I get for not shopping at Wal-Mart I guess. I'll run in when I get a chance this week and see if I can find any.


Whole flax seeds taken as they are won't provide whatsoever the Omega 3 benefits as would milled flax.

Make sure you refrigerate your ground flax seed, and preferably store them in a dark container. Light, air exposure, and heat rapidly reduce milled flax seeds Omega 3 benefits. If you are getting the pre-vacuum packed ground flax take these tips moreso into consideration since with whole seeds ground right away I'd assume you are grinding just the amount you need for that moment and thus careful storage wouldn't be a factor. To those who can't find pre-milled flax, go to health food stores or the organics section of supermarkets.


They're sometimes called linseeds too.