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Milled Flax Seed Delivery


What could I stir my milled flax seeds into that is near-zero carb and preferably not that high-fat itself?

I know how useful they are, but they don't mix well. So far I've learned they completely ruin the texture of ground meats, don't mix well with tuna, and make my protein shakes hard to chug (no blender). My best ideas are cream cheese and Jello.

How do you eat your milled flax seeds?


I just started eating them, because I needed the extra fiber. If I am not mistaken they need to be ground up to get their full benefit. I bought a Black and Decker coffee grinder from Wal-Mart for $14. It does the trick just fine. I mix them with shakes, and have ate them mixed with tuna and chicken salad rolled up in low carb tortillas. When they are ground up real fine you can't really taste them.


On a salad they are great a nutty flavor and it soaks up vinegar and spices real well to make a dressing type on consuistancy.

Also in oats with some Grow!

Shakes, my fav. next to on salads.

Or just down the hatch.


I actually dig them in protein shakes. Give it a shake, drink it up, swirl it around to keep them mixed. When nearing the bottom, I swirl it some more and chug it, chewing them up. I like it.

Also put it in Grow! and peanut butter pudding. Those are really the only two ways I eat flax seeds.


Water: mill the seeds, dump them in to a glass, fill with water, stir, chug. Hey, it gets it where it needs to go.


Other than in my morning oats, I also consume flax-type pasta at times. The milled stuff cooks into muffins/ pancakes well, too and neither of these lose theire benefits from the heat of cooking.

I personally don't consume more than 2 Tbsp. daily (some health issues unanswered in the scientific literature still, despite documented benefits).


I mix them w/ cottage cheese.


What do these health issues include?


Here is a short article on Flax for those interested.



Phytoestrogens? Damnit please don't tell me that these seeds are destined for the soy awards :frowning:




I suspect this issue is cyanogenic glucosides. I do not eat them myself so i have not researched the issue.