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Milko Tokola


I could have posted this in the OWL section but I think it would get more traffic here.

I am really impressed by the lightning speed of this guy and the way he moves through the weight progressions, pretty inspiring! Anyway enjoy...

Milko Tokola


Well he obviously has his movements down to a T. You can see in his C&J that he does the exact same thing every rep. Jerk and stomp 1, 2.

Do you know his nationality?


He is Finish, 20-21 years old. An unreal athlete! He trains twice a day 2-3 hours per session. Check out his squat video, makes those half squats most of us do look like complete shite lol


Looks like my tab is actin d'bollox n not loadin the damn videos. The chap has a youtube channel so check out his 250kg squat


Wou, hat's just fucked up. Hard to watch; it's like he's gonna snap or something. I can't squat a damn thing.


Wow that boy is fast . His form is spot on in that it is the same rep after rep on the Oly lifts.


That's what caught my eye!

Its pretty impressive isn't it. Makes you re-evaluate how shit most peoples form is including my own when you see a professional at work like this.


He credits his background as a sprinter for his speed in an interview with all things gym.

Born in 1992.... makes me feel very inadequate!


Been watching this guy's videos for a while now and he's quite the lifter. His intensity is mesmerising.


:confused: I have kids older than him.

Great form, fun to watch


hooooly fucking intensity. thank you for link, op. so impressive. very admirable.


No bodder! Nothing better than a little injection of inspiration to get the training juices flowin...


He finally put up a new video


I have no idea what they're saying but it was kinda cool.and their voices got louder and more intense as the set unfolded.blablabablaBLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!