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The Water/Coke thread had me thinking.

Who else here drinks milk?

I do, right around a gallon of skim every 5-7 days. I don't eat cereal, but I always have milk with dinner.

Started a while ago when I would eat hot salsa and needed to quell the heat, but now I'm drinking moo juice with every dinner.

In anyone's view, is this contradictory to today's modern muscle building diets?



I drink raw pasture-fed whole milk morning and night, almost 2 gallons a week. I try to alternate with raw goat milk as well, but the cow's milk is much tastier. I don't drink pasteurized or skim milk.


I drink milk too and have forever. I like it and am tolerant of it. It is a good source of protein and calories, so if you can drink it and not have the gut probelms, do so. Milk with dinner is a favorite of mine.

I don't think it is contradictory of today's diets. There are some that say avoid it and others that say dirnk it. I personally believe that it is beneficial towards your health, unless of course you are lactose intolerant.


I used to drink the stuff practically by the gallon. More recently though I'm finding that it's starting to upset my stomach in larger amounts. So I'm thinking that I'm probably becoming lactose intolerant. Sucks real bad too, cause I love the stuff so much.


Milk contradictory to muscle gains? I just pulled out the one hair I had on my head. The truth is, I shave my head, but if I had hair, it we be pulled out right now in chunks!!! Then again, that would hurt, therefore, I would just frown really really hard and growl at you.


About 48 oz a day.

A glass w/ dinner and in 2 shakes.


Skim milk Grow! pudding every night. Quite yummy.


The word "yummy" has now been defined as "brokeback". From here on out, it shall not be used unless by someone of brokeback nature.

Disclaimer: Simply hurting your back does not qualify.


Yummy is still a valid hetero term if used after seeing a delicious specimen of a woman.


Okay, I may be the exception to the rule, but I have drank a gallon of skim milk a day for the past 8 years, and I've put on almost 100 lbs. of lean mass in that time, while never having my bodyfat go above 12%.

I think milk is fantastic, if I could pasteurize and homogenize it myself, I'd just by my own cow. The only time I avoid it is in my pre-bed protein shake, where I mix my Grow!, soon to be Metabolic Drive, with water.


Does that means it's "halfback"?


or, "her vag tasted yummy"


How about scrumptious?


I like milk, but it puts padding around my tummy. That's why I've switched to bull's milk - less fat, but also harder to come by.



Only if used while squeezing a young lady's round booty with both hands and pretending to take a bite of it.


I drink raw, whole, grass fed milk. Usually about a gallon a week. Usually only in the a.m. with my coffee and Grow! shake. The farm manager made a mistake and poured me two gallons on Sunday. Rather than waste it I'll drink two gallons this week. I thought I'd give some away, but folks at work cringe a bit when I tell them I drink raw milk. So now I keep my mouth shut about it.


Could one use yummy to describe her breasts and scrumptious to describe the vag and not be brokeback?

Sensuously delicious might work better as well.

As for milk......love the stuff.


Quart of Chocolate milk daily. I spread it out through the day, or try to, if I drink it in one sitting it upsets my stomach.


Insulin response? Fat gain?

Screw it.

My bones are more important.


That stuff you're getting from the bull ... I don't think it's milk.