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I just started adding milk to my shakes instead of water, and it's giving me some trouble (I think). For the past couple days I've been using 16oz of milk in my shakes, probably 6 shakes so far. The entire time I had some bad gas, but other than that hey, I can deal with it. But this morning I had a slightly upset stomach. I'm wondering if this could be attributed to the milk?

Also, can you become lactose intolerant or is it something you are born with?


Many slowly become lactose intolerant as they enter adulthood. That is what lactose free milk is for.


Is lactose free milk just as nutritionally dense, or rather calorically dense as regular, just without the lactose? I just wanna make sure I'm not selling myself short by going with lactose free if something about it isn't as good as regular milk.


It's just an enzyme they add to break down the lactose, so no worries that you are short-changing yourself nutritionally. Drink up. Enjoy the moo juice.


If the other option is having the gurgle guts and a possible assplosion, I would give the lactose free a try and not worry about the caloric density as much.

You might try reducing the volume of milk in each shake~8 oz.

You might also try some Simethicone for the gas. Pop a couple pills with your shake.


Actually, why are you adding milk to your shakes at all? For flavor or consistency?


For calories. If I have 3 shakes a day that's an extra almost 500 calories a day.


Milk is fine.Just make sure it's skim milk and organic.


since reading a paper about how milk is processed i've stopped drinking it altogether. i think it was the part about how milk is transported in tanker trucks unrefrigerated because it will eventually be pasteurized and homogenized. frickn grossed me right the frick out and i haven't had milk since-three years. granted prolly if i knew how tons of other foods were processed i wouldn't eat those either. but so far ignorance is bliss and in this case it's milk. i still eat cultured milk products- alot of cottage cheese and full fat yogurt. stuff that's alive you know ?? anyway just my take.


I get similar problems when I drink a lot of milk and am not used to it yet. For me it seems to pass after I've gotten back into milk drinking for a few days. I think the body becomes a little intolerant of dairy products (and probably lots of other things) when it's not been asked to break them down for a while. I gave up on dairy products for a long time because of such problems, but after the initial shock my body digests them just fine now.


If milk keeps giving you trouble you could try plain yogurt, I personally prefer it over milk because it makes a smoothie have a much thicker texture, and it's good for gaining. The plain old home brand has 17g carbs to 12g protein and the only ingredients are milk and cultures.


uhhh, why?


That makes no sense at all. There is a woman who works at my clinic who gave up eating chicken a few years ago because she watched a documentary on how chickens were "processed" for food consuption. I suppose none of you would ever make it actually hunting for your food if watching documentaries makes you avoid food sources all together. I would love to see you all watch a surgery just to see if you reject humans from that point on.


I don't think you understand pasteurisation and homogenisation if you worry about something like that. Did the truck driver swim in the milk beforehand?

Milk is great, Berardi hates it but I love it. I think I drink over 2L a day (I think I might have a problem).


Milk rules. Pretty much all I drink now is chocolate milk.


hahaha! i was gonna write about chickens too ! seriously i saw a film on processing chickens and that one got me too - it was the part where after they off the chicken they hook 'em and chill them down by dragging through this moat of cold water for like 15 minutes. the bird picks up 5-10% more water weight and damn if that moat the chickens were sponging off of wasn't the most putrid looking shit i've ever seen !! so now i prefer those chickens that say "air-chilled" the mega bonus is they taste a whole lot better. but i suppose that could be psychosomatic.

i disagree, prof x, that it doesn't make sense though. i love food and i'd prefer to eat the best quality food that i can and that means food that's been treated with respect. i've got no problem killing and breaking down chickens, and i've killed gutted deer also. it's not the violence or the reality of killing that most are so far removed from that bothers me; it's the lack of respect for the food which i'm going to eat that does.

to take something like fresh milk and let it spoil just because it's going to be boiled later is what makes no sense to me whatever. like-wise taking fresh pristine meat and soaking it in shit just because you're gonna put instructions on the package that says cook to 165 degrees. yes of course i'm being wicked pickey and if i have to survive i'll eat whatever there is. but so far i 've got the choice so i'm choosing ! given a choice wouldn't you rather eat the clean and fresh food ??


Pasteurized milk before the expiration date is fresh and clean. You get more germs kissing whatever girl you last dated than you do the milk you are crying over.


Pasteurised milk is fine. If you don't cook your meat properly then you are a fucking idiot.


i'll give you clean, but not fresh. you like it -great ! enjoy and more power to you !

back up bro. i'm not telling anybody what to do here am i ? i'm just eating what i like and i like it best when the meat is so clean i don't cook it at all.


I've got a small but important question here: does having lactose intolerance decrease the absorption rate of the milk you are drinking?