Hello there,

I’m relatively new to the site, having been only really training seriously for about 6 months.

I played University Rugby League though, so I’ve had quite a lot of training before taking this seriously.

Anyway, my question is based on whether or not milk is a good liquid base to use for protein shakes? I’m currently following the T-Dawg 2.0 diet to get leaner and want to follow the P+F and P+C “Massive Eating” directions with it too. The thing is, the post-workout shake I use (which I bought before I started reading T-mag, so isn’t Surge or Grow) only have about 33g whey protein per double serving. I’ve been using skimmed milk with them to boost the amount of protein I get from the shakes and also to make them taste nicer.

However, milk adds a good 20g of carbs straight away with each serving. This leaves me with very little to play around with for the rest of the day. Also, it immediately makes the meal a P+C meal, when really I think at least one of the two shakes I have each day (post-workout and just before bed)should be combined with Fats.

I appreciate this is a bit of a ramble, but does anyone have any thoughts?

You pretty much answered your own question. Using milk does immediately make it a P+C meal.(20 grams is substantial enough in my book) Even though it might not taste the best, use water for your P+F shake and add some flax oil or olive oil depending on your fats profile for that day. Personally I would eat some solid food though, especially before bed. I picked up rugby union in college, I love it! Good luck

Oh, I overlooked the main reason you’re using milk. Just add more powder for more protein.

Thanks apayne,

I think you’re right, I’m going to have to grin and bear the shake without milk at some point during the day!

What do you reckon is the best meal to eat before bed? Cottage Cheese?

I played Union all the way through school and Uni too to quite a high level, just picked up League at University. My school toured N. America. If you ever want any tips, just let me know!

You might want to check out this stuff called “carb countdown dairy beverage”. It tastes suprisingly like milk(made from milk) and the skim version has 0g fat 12g protein and 3g carbs per 8oz. If you are a fan of skim milk you might want to give it a shot. It is mentioned in reader mail:

Thanks a lot Andrew, That stuff will definitely help me.

Thanks Andrew,

Excellent back issue knowledge.

Unfortunately, it seems Carb Countdown Dairy Beverage isn’t stocked in the shops in the UK that Walmart own. I think it might be a US thing. The gym scene in the UK isn’t quite as expansive as it is across the pond it seems, so the demand for things like a low-carb milk replacement drink is low.


Thanks for your input though. I think I’m going to go and read some more back issues!



Grow tastes fine without milk

I like MEAT! Maybe in spinach salad, maybe just knawing at while I hold it in my hand! Seriously, it doesn’t matter that much unless you are competition serious.

BTW what position did you play in rugby union. I’ve played just about every position except hooker as you have to be diverse in the states due to poor participation.

The Insulin Index response of dairy products seems to be high for milk.

Since Cottage Cheese contains dairy too, there were some comments a while back that CC may also cause a significant II surge. Can anyone verify this?

I went through most positions on my way through school due to being taller than everyone while I was a teen, and then being pretty average height by the end. I play 12 mainly now, though sometimes full back or wing. Bit of a glory hunter!

Pretty boy! If you’re a back at least you’re an inside center. I started out at lock, but the last game I played was at wing for a men’s club.