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Whats your opinion on milk? I read what T-Mag wrote about it, but am just curious about what others think. I am bulking, so would skim milk be a good way to get in some extra calories and protein? How much do you guys drink?




Milk is for baby calves. You'll certainly find better carb/protein sources than milk at your grocery store.

I think the subject has been debated to death on the boards here. Cottage cheese may be a better choice than milk.



Actually skim milk is an excellent source of protein for some ppl. It has a good mix of both whey and casein. Problem being that the lactose is more readily stored in BF instead of muscle. Some ppl just simply have to cut milk/dairy products to cut fat.

I personally dont drink it very often at all. Only on rare occasions when doing massive eating or something of the sort.

Try it out and see how it effects you.



Not sure if my other post is gonna magically appear but I drink a lot of milk, usually with my cereal or with Whey protein. I'm a pretty lean individual and have always leaned toward the leaner side. I'm assuming you're lean as well since you're trying to get bigger. In that case drink up, it sounds like a good way to add calories for someone trying to bulk. I would just suggest drinking most of it earlier on in the day when you need the carbs anyway, like with a post workout meal.


I drink lots of milk everyday, (2%) and have for years, I also sport a 6-pack year round with no effort as far as "cutting up" goes, I think milk is great.


i average 2-4 large glasses of organic whole milk daily, and i havent been over 10%bf in like 4yrs [i'm 22]. i'll drink a glass with meals to add calories, plus it tastes really, really good. but you wont know if it works or not until you try it.


milk is a good source of protein and vitamins, and i incorporate it into my diet. however, i don't drink a lot of it, and most of my diet consisting of dairy products usually comes as cottage cheese and yoghurt. i wouldn't worry too much about milk (skim has low calories so that even a lot of consumption doens't add up too much), but i would look for other sources of dairy that may better fit into the diet you are currently on.

good luck


Try some of the new low carb, higher protein milk that should be easily available in your local grocery store (at least where I live.) The one I drink is made by a company called Hood. It has something like 12g protein and 2 grams of carbs. It tastes pretty damn close to normal milk too.