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I saw the skim milk versus cottage cheese topic. I was wondering why milk in general is not reccommended in a diet. And whats up with this skim shit?
I drink full fat viatamin D milk. No reduction in fat but not buttermilk. It has protein, and fat. That should be good? And casien too.regardless, i am not giving up milk but whats up?

It is more or less agreed that you should not be consuming P+F+C meals. Given that milk has a high II (as stated in the other thread) it makes the the C+F combo even more effective at inflating those fat cells.

Mercola has said in a previous interview on T-Mag that milk contains hormones and pesticides. And in organic milk the issue is pasteurization and homogenization that’s performed to the milk.

Most of that fat in whole milk is in the “bad guys” category. Another reason cottage cheese and even yogurt are better options.

Tiree, at your age, I think you’re doing fine drinking milk. Heck, 15 and the size you have, I wouldn’t change a thing.

I disagree, learn how to eat correctly now, not later.

I dont want t give up milk. So “learning to eat correctly” really doesn’t matter that much. I dont personally drink pop or anything, Cept coffee and water. Therefore I think milk is an okay sin.

Don’t ask a question if you don’t really plan on listening to the answers you get.
Q: Why shouldn’t people drink fat, carbs and protein all at once?
A: Have you ever really READ an issue of T-mag?
Q: Screw you guys and your reasons, I’m doing it anyway! That should be OK, right?

easy there killer.

People can learn about something without wanting to practice it.

I stated in the first post i wasn’t gonna give up milk. The wqay i eat i get p+f+c anyways. But I did want to know why it was bad. And yes, I have read an issue of t-mag. All of them. Its called the previous issues button.

People can eat p+c+f and still lose weight. Remember the “isocaloric diet”.
I think milk is an ok food if 1. your body digests it ok. 2. if you aren’t on a diet. At 15 I had a hard time gaining weight and ate a lot of thing I don’t now, due to the changes in metabolism.

Let’s not forget Tiree’s age. I think milk is a healthy part of anyone’s diet at that age, in moderation.

although I would recommend skim vs whole milk. I can’t imagine even drinking 1% after years of skim.


Sorry man, but you’re flat out lying. If you have read every issue of T-mag you would’ve have had to ask why P+F+C meals are bad.

I meant “wouldn’t have had”.


i like skim milk with cereal in the morning with a whey isolate protein shake. excellent at jump starting my fasted body. other then that i stay away from milk and eat cheese with my low carb meals. laters pk

Hey, Tiree, maybe I overreacted, but when you post a phrase like “learning to eat right doesn’t matter” it strikes a deep nerve… especially since that seems to be the whole point behind your question.

sorry, it was

“learning to eat correctly” really doesn’t matter that much.

I have read every issue. Just not every article. I don’t dabble as much into nutrition as training. Why skim instead of whole? Whole tastes great! and it has viatamin d, good for bones.

I too drink milk and I’m aware that I shouldn’t. Currently bulking and consuming about 3 pints a day in the week and about two pints a day at the weekends.

What alternative is there really…? Protein drinks in water taste crap and don’t really have any substance to them.

I might get flamed for this but can people just post what they do intead…?


Tiree, I’m just suggesting skim as opposed to whole due to the fat content in whole milk. It’s up to you.