ok, here’s the deal. i love 2% milk. i drink it all the time and have been doing so for as long as i can remember (im 21). i mix it in my post-workout drink (prolab N-large) and i use it in any other protein drink i have. im on a mass cycle, but i was wondering, should i use water in my post-workout drink and get my calories elsewhere?

I also tolerate milk very well and don’t seem to have a problem with it, unlike a lot of people on this site. Unless, you are using Surge, go ahead and use milk to mix up your shakes on a bulking cycle. If you are using Surge, stick with water to preserve the P to C ratio.

If you’re trying to gain weight, there’s nothing better than milk, even the Russians with their fancy sports-science say so. Drink 4 litres or more every day.

I too love milk, tho I consume the fat free kind… still I am trying to follow the massive eating guidelines (protein+carb meals, protein+fat meals no fat+carb meals) so milk consumption is altered to the mornings only… Once I get comfortable with my diet changes, I think that milk will also be included in my pre bed shake.

Milk is a cheap and effective way to get protein and it always helps to get some of it in your diet during a bulking phase. Stick with it!

I drink about one gallon of skim milk a day, as milk protein is very complete and bioavailable. Many people complain about the lactose (calories from sugar and lactose intolerance), but I tend to think the main prejudice against milk is that, back in the olden days, Joe Weider couldn’t make any money by saying you could “look like the pros” by drinking milk.

I tend to agree with TC and Chris when they wrote: "Milk is a two-faced monster. To some,
it’s a cheap source of protein and the ultimate “weight
gainer” for bony teenagers. Some old-timers even recommend
drinking a gallon of whole milk per day! Suffice it to say, that
would leave most of us quite fat. Much of the fat in whole
milk falls in the “bad” category. Saturated fat mixed with a
high sugar, high-carb food does not a healthy body make.

                      Also, somewhere around 10 to 20 percent of the population
                      is lactose intolerant, meaning they can’t digest milk sugar.
                      (There are even a few studies that show that non-whites,
                      particularly Asians and blacks, have a much higher rate of
                      lactose intolerance.) This can be helped some by using
                      lactose-free milk and digestive aids. On the other hand, if
                      you have no problems with lactose, skim milk can be a good
                      source of protein. Still, unless you’re an extremely active
                      teenager with the metabolism of a humming bird on
                      ephedrine, we’d limit milk intake."<P>That's from the "foods that make you look good naked" article here:

I drank over a gallon of whole milk a day, lifted insanely and ran insanely. I ate huge blocks of cheese and ate entire containers of yogurt and cottage cheese at one time. Go for the milk products, they are the shit…I got up to 195 and then went on a diet to lose all the fat accumulated. Milk is the shit.

Get lactose free milk like I do. :slight_smile:

I drink skim milk even through my cutting phase. I didnt think that was bad or anything. I stay within my carb limit, so why do you guys only use it in your bulking phases? I love milk! Protien powders taste like shit without it! mmmm milk! :slight_smile:

Scoobi- If you have to use milk to gag down your protien powder, then you’re using the wrong protein powder. There’sa few good tasting ones out there that are great in water.

This week’s Bedtime Story said that milk is not the best right before bed. Really though, how bad could it be? I wasn’t too clear on WHY milk isn’t the best choice before bed. What are some other sources of cassien protein?

Best choice - cottage cheese. See the “mass eating” post on the board right now. Heb and I gave some good options for making cottage cheese taste good. The other choice is casein protein powders.

Its not that milk is evil, but the carb/pro ration of cottage cheese is much better