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What’s with all the bad media attention towards milk latly? What views does everyone reading this have? Personally I like milk and drink 4-6 cups daily, (usually 6).

Here’s what T-mag said about it: "Milk is a two-faced monster. To some,
it’s a cheap source of protein and the ultimate “weight
gainer” for bony teenagers. Some old-timers even recommend
drinking a gallon of whole milk per day! Suffice it to say, that
would leave most of us quite fat. Much of the fat in whole
milk falls in the “bad” category. Saturated fat mixed with a
high sugar, high-carb food does not a healthy body make.

                      Also, somewhere around 10 to 20 percent of the population
                      is lactose intolerant, meaning they can’t digest milk sugar.
                      (There are even a few studies that show that non-whites,
                      particularly Asians and blacks, have a much higher rate of
                      lactose intolerance.) This can be helped some by using
                      lactose-free milk and digestive aids. On the other hand, if
                      you have no problems with lactose, skim milk can be a good
                      source of protein. Still, unless you’re an extremely active
                      teenager with the metabolism of a humming bird on
                      ephedrine, we’d limit milk intake."