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Milk, Yum


MMM yummm milk, i love it loads. ive been drinking a liter of full fat milk the past 4 weeks for extra calories and boy does it help. only problen, could i drinking too much and any side affects whith high consumtion i should know about.

thanks neil.


I think you would notice the side effects, right?



Well too much of ANYTHING is a bad idea...keep things in moderation.

That being said, I get a bit lactose intolerant when I drink more than a litre and a half a day.

Also, my gains seem to come best when I am drinking plenty milk and eating lots of whole eggs - but that's probably just due to extra calories.


Let's see

  • you have a casein sensitivity allergy ?
  • you have a whey sensitivity allergy ?
  • remember that lactose is simple carbs


Was just wondering if there are any hidden side effects. but i do love the extra calories im getting from it ive noticed to be "filling" out better even with high intensity training.


Ive been drinking 1 gallon a day just about the past few days.. heard about it in "starting strength". It says athletes who drink 1 gallon per day make better gains than those who dont.


Milk rules, keep drinking it.


agreed keep drinking it getting extra calories from milk is great! I get my extras from milk, evo and peanut butter....


milk has its advantages and disadvantages....Personally I believe that it is only appropriate for peri/post workout nutrition. Drinking an excess of milk is very unhealthy and should be avoided.

If you want studies/reasons, I will be happy to provide them...


please share your wisdom


OK, first lets examine milk: it contains carbohydrates (lactose) and protein (casein/whey). Although its a lower GI carbohydrate source, lactose is still highly insulinogenic. Hence, why it could have its place in post-workout nutrition.

However, we want to create insulin spikes when it is optimal to do so. The two times where insulin spikes are useful is in the morning (why we have a high-carb breakfast) and post-workout (why we have a high-carb shake).

The purpose of this is to, of course, restore depleted glycogen levels. We DO NOT want to be creating constant insulin surges throughout the day, so appropriately we should not be drinking milk throughout the whole day. Continuing to do so could possibly alter insulin sensitivity levels for the worse. As we all know, insulin is a tricky bastard, and often times insulin resistance can lead to certain problems with fat storage/loss.

Also, milk is slightly acidic. Looking at some of the amounts of milk people drink in this thread, that is bad news. As a result of drinking so much milk, we end up taking in more dietary acids than bases. So basically we start ending up in a chronic level of high acidity.

Well, since the body must, at all costs, operate at a stable pH, any dietary acid load has to be neutralized by one of a number of homeostatic base-producing mechanisms. So, although the pH of the body is maintained and your blood tests turn out fine, many cells of the body will suffer. Here are some of the most severe consequences of your body's attempt to maintain a constant pH in the face of an acidic environment:

  • Hypercalciuria (high concentrations of calcium in the urine)
  • Negative nitrogen balance (high concentrations of nitrogen in urine)
  • Decreased IGF-1 activity
  • GH resistance
  • Mild Hypothyroidism
  • Hypercortesolemia

Basically we are in a state of, albeit mild, chronic acidosis. This leads to: muscle wasting, bone loss, and altered hormonal profile


I drink lots of milk all day and my muscles love it, my bones are fine, and I've got a semi right now.


In response to this I would like to make a few points:

1) If you replaced the milk with other food, with equal amount of calories, protein, etc., how do you know that you wouldn't be making better progress?

2) How do you know your bones are fine? Just because they don't hurt doesn't mean they are in perfect health.


STOP OVER-THINKING EVERYTHING!!!!. The only way to know something works is to try it your-self. As you can see plenty of people here drink it and have no problem with milk, so should they stop just because of some study that obviously is over-proved by their own consuption of milk?...that would be stupid.


Well it is true that just about every successful bodybuilder has said milk slows down progress...oh wait they say the opposite. In fact milk has been praised as beneficial to muscle-building more than just about any food.

You're right I should start worrying about my bones. Not because there's anything apparently wrong with them...not because I've ever broken any (I haven't)...not because I've ever had tooth problems (I haven't)...but because MILK is doing some crazy acid stuff to them or something.


don't forget that it can sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence. that's either good or bad depending on how you like to spend the night out


1) If it ain't broken then don't fix it.

2) do you wake up every morning and look at your skin and say " it looks healthy but there most be something wrong with it". As long as you are getting check ups why should you worry about it. Everyone would be miserable if it was done this way since most things in our body look fairly healthy.


"Some Study" conducted by Dr. John Berardi...

Also, why don't you use your own logic and find what works for you. Monitor your progress for 6 weeks with your current diet, then replace the milk with other foods (with equal number of cals/protein/etc.) for 6 weeks and record progress during that time period too. Compare the two different 6-week periods, and see which one yielded more progress. Then, go from there.


1) That is the most retarded piece of advice in this whole post. That is like the following conversation:

Bob: "Dude, over the past year I gained 0.75 lbs of lean mass!"

Joe: "Uhhh, that's not much to be proud of. This past year I gained 12 lbs of lean mass. Maybe you should try changing your diet or training program."

Bob: "Shut up, dude. I do what works for me, OK? If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

2) Do you honestly believe that getting check-ups 2x a year will guarantee you are in good health? Are you serious? Do you honestly believe that every time you go for a check-up, and just because your doctor says you are OK, that you are in perfect health with not one problems? Do you know how many problems a doctor can miss, let alone in a simple check-up?
If doctors caught all our problems we wouldn't have cases of people coming in with cancer in the accelerated stage, we wouldn't have cases of people coming in with AIDS in its active stage. If you think that seeing a doctor is enough than you are a fool, sorry.


hehe i love this quote.