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Milk While Cutting?

hey all, just wondering what your opinions are concerning drink milk during a cut. i know some people advise against it and some people do it. i personally like milk with my protein shake and would prob only use it for that.

when i read the title i was gonna say you should avoid any liquids with calories aside form peri-wo drinks while cutting. milk in your pwo shake won’t kill ya, but you probably don’t wanna drink too much of it other times. i have cut out lactose nearly entirely (not on a cut) and have noticed positive results. less bloating, fewer upset stomachs.

If you tolerate milk and it fits into your macros/calories, then sure.

how much milk?

I wouldn’t be afraid of milk in peri-workout shakes. Just factor the calories and macros into your plan and cut back on ingredients where necessary to meet your goals. As far as outside the peri-workout window, it’s probably a very individual thing. I, personally, can’t touch milk at those times, but I’m sure there are people out there who can.

THere are lots of old tales of how dairy can ‘smooth you out’, but it’s most likely an individualized thing, how well you tolerate the lactose content of certain foods. THat aside, as long as you realize that there are carbs (sugar) in milk (most people seem to think fat free milk is carb free as well -lol), and it doesn’t mess with you numbers, go for it. As for me, I prefer to eat my calories, not waste them on beverages, especially when there are tons of tasty calorie free alternatives (downing some diet mug rootbeer as I type this!)


ok sweet, thanks for the quick responses guys

milk in general is very insulin spiking- just something to factor into your timing