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Milk, Water, or Powerade with PWO Shake?


I have been reading many articles for mixing milk with my post-workout whey shake (60 grams), lots say it is good because of carbs and exra calories. but i have read lots were they say to never drink milk after a workout because it slows absorbtion.

Also i just went to my supplement store to buy more whey and he said to mix it with powerade because you need simple sugars to help abosrb faster? what do you guys do and why?


consuming fat pwo can hinder the absorption of protein hence no milk...mixing it with powerade is fine but i wouldnt touch that shite any other time..it will taste disgusting but its a cheaper alternative to shelling out for something like Surge..


If you are worried about absorption have your protein powder and powerade before you train. Having milk post w.o. isn't gonna make a difference in your physique I guarantee you. Absorption rates will be slower, but it's not gonna make a difference. It's not like you have exactly 27 minutes and 19 seconds before the anabolic state ends.

There's a reason why the pros' don't worry about questions like these. Focus on intensity of training first, overall cals and macros second, and then supps and peri w.o. nutrition last.


agreed. although (no offense) you sound like you have no idea about nurtition - from a bodybuilding standpoint.

read some articles, there are plenty of decent ones on this site

EDIT: also try posting/reading in the beginners section. there are probably a lot of people ask the same questions as you