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Milk vs Casein Powder


Casein powder is very expensive. Milk is not. I am not rich. Is drinking milk as or nearly as effective as using casein powder?


Yes. Milk is casein powders daddy. But calculate cost per serving based on protien content and you may be surprised.


The protein in milk is a mixture of whey and casein. But there's more than protein in a glass of milk, of course. You also have fat and sugar -- mostly lactose and galactose for sugar. If you're looking at it only a s protein source, it's not ideal. Per serving, you're getting more sugar than protein. That may not be bad PWO, but I don't necessarily think it's your best option as a general drink.

And HG is right. If you're after the protein, do the math. Milk isn't exactly cheap.


when i was a little looser with my foods, i would just use 0-fat cottage cheese (for the casein) to make shakes

blend up like a cup of cottage cheese, cup of water, cinnamon, splenda, ice, and sugar free vanilla pudding powder. actually tastes prettty good too