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Milk Thistle


I am about to start a CLEN+OT cycle this week and I was wondering if Milk Thistle is effective for liver support with this cycle?

Because someone told me that milk thistle doesn’t work really well with all AAS and sometimes it is disadvised to take milk thistle with some pro-hormones. (According to a Charles Poliquin past article or in one of his books)

Do you guys have any thoughts on this?



I’m not sure about the milk thistle but I do highly suggest that you take a lot of potassium and taurine with the clen. When I cycled it I thought I was going to die from all the cramping. Also drink lotsa water.

Milk thistle is most commonly used pre and post cycle therapy for your liver.
NAC & ALA are used on cycle.
sometimes you can find liver support sups that have all 3 in them, usually at milder doses. You can buy them seperate and take them together.

I wrote something on this topic awhile back. Not sure if it’ll answer all your questions, but…