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Milk Thistle

How effective is this stuff in protecting the liver? And if it is…does it matter if I pick up the $5.00 dollar bottle at the grocery store or do I really need to spend $15.00 on the expensive one at the nutrition store. All replies appreciated. Thanks.

The active ingredient in the milk thistle, silymarin, is well researched in its liver cleansing effects. It has phytochemicals that stimulate protein synthesis and boost lver cell rejuvenation as well as increasing glutathione and SOD activity for additional liver support. Yes the quality of the herbs matter. Its the same as anything really. You get what you pay for. All those “bargain” vitamins and herbs at wal-mart, etc. aren’t much of a bargain to me ;]

Make sure to get Milk Thistle that contains around 80% silymarin in it. That is the active ingredient which provides all the benefits. The $5 bottle might be a bulk product with a low percentage of silymarin.