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Milk Thistle Question for Bill Roberts

Bill, or anyone. Has anyone had success with using milk thistle to decrease liver enzyme levels? Does this actually work? How about the dosages? Thank you.

I used milk thistle for over a year to deal with elevated enzyme levels. I used the 200mg GNC brand when they were very elevated and tapered down to 75mg (Vitamin World brand) once the levels were under control. For a while, I continued to use Milk Thistle/Sylmarin as a precautionary measure afterward, but I have recently stopped altogether. I did this due to financial restraints and also because of an article in Muscular Development that asserted that Milk Thistle inhibits protein synthesis. I would be interested to hear Bill’s thoughts on this as well.

Yes, I know quite a few people that have had success with “thisilyn” or some such spelling like that.

Is there any empirical research that proves its effectiveness?