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Milk Thistle+Hawthorne Berry for Support?

I am going to be running Havoc for 6 weeks at 30mg. I have sorted my PCT out with Nolva 20/20/20/20 and Clomid 100/100/50/50. However i was originally intending on using CEL Cycle Assist while on cycle. Would me using 1000mg a day of Milk Thistle and Hawthorne Berry and maybe adding in Liv52 be sufficient or should i definately order the Cycle Assist?

Yep, that will be fine. Be sure to give your liver a couple of months, minimum, afterwards before you use any other hormones. Your liver is capable of regenerating, and with the added Milk thistle, it won’t cause a dent.

You don’t need both of those chems for PCT. It will probably cause unwanted side effects.