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Milk thistle and melatonin

Okay. I like to know good quality and resonable priced Milk Thistle and Melatonin brands in US. Both are under presciption in my country - isn’t it soooo great. Thanks

Go to netrition or supplementdirect. I can’t put in their websites, but common logic tells you what to add. Anyway, I go with Twin Lab, Natures Herbs (also a twin lab company) or Natures Way. Milk Thistle around $10 for 60 175mg caps and Melatonin is around $11 for 120 3mg caps.

Guaranteed quality and excellent FREE referenced articles on both at www.lef.org .
You’ll be glad you spent time there :wink:

Mike Demeter BPHE CSCS CFA Cert. Nutritionist
Senior Trainer: GoodLife Fitness Clubs, Toronto, Canada

I’ve been using liquid sub lingual Melatonin.
Works faster than pills, like in half hour to 45 minutes. I got it from the Evergreen Herbal Store here, they supply mostly Now Brand supllements.