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Milk PWO?


over anelising everything ( training and nutrition ) is what F'd me up for about 5 years .
i only started making gains when i kept my trainin simple ( 5x5 ) n sorted out me diet .
sorted out me protein for the day ( food + whey), carbs were double that and fats were about the same as the protein i then added a liter of whole milk a day and kept inreasing the milk every week till my numbers went up , it took 4 liters a day ontop of my normal diet to do this .
im still not big ( 179 ) but 5 years ago i was 125 squatin about 60 wtf .


i would just take the 2 scoops of whey pwo...


Dont get me wrong I still will consume protein shakes but I have switched to whole foods after my workouts and see better results. Hell even Wendler has taken to that idea. Bodybuilders generally wont agree and I can understand. But look up research for yourself.


i agree whole , natural food is the best but i think to get quality protein and cals in the amount needed to gain is very hard and time consuming especially with the protein.
food first then supps


Definitely. I may have a protein shake with my breakfast and always before bed. I always have 2 meal replacement bars during the day since of my job