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Milk PWO?


Hi, recently I have been adding whole milk to my post workout shake. Will the fat content on the milk slow down the digestion of the whey or does the body digest these two separately even though they are blended together?

My post-workout shake goes a little something like this-

2 scoops whey- 240cals, 48g protein, 4g carb, 4g fat
1 scoop dextrose- 180cals, 48g carb
2 cups whole milk- 300cals, 16g protein, 16g fat, 24g carb
5mg creatine

totaling at-
720 calories
64g protein
76g carbs
20g fat

Thank You!


"Will the fat content on the milk slow down digestion?"


And who cares if it does? Is it going to make a difference in your gains?


Your fine man, the more calories the better. It won't make a major difference.


Yes it will. Look up Alan Aragons research review on pwo nutrition if you want to find out why this really doesn't matter, and may even be beneficial.


If you're so worried switch to skim milk, water or juice.


78g of carbs. I think the "quickness" factor of postworkout nutrition is mainly a selling point designed to make $$ not gains. You have whey protein and some carbs, you are good to go. It wouldn't hurt to even kick up the carb:protein ratio a bit, say 2X as much carbohydrate as protein, depending on your goals of course.


I'm more concerned about your excessive creatine intake, to be honest.


is 5mg pre and 5 post excessive? I have been feeling kinda fat ass it could be some creatine bloat but then again who knows. It is creatine monohydrate so its not as powerful as CEE which claims that 2.5mg CEE = 5mg Mono. I've always read that 10mg was the general consensus.


Fairly confident that was sarcasm,
Im pretty sure you said MG when you meant G unless your using an eye dropper i don't think your getting 5 MG of creatine...

As far as creatine consumption..it won't make you fat. Being fat will make you fat.
Also generally to top off Intra-muscular creatine stores just take 5g per day every day.

About the shake, well..its already been said.


x2, I'm pretty convinced that I was being swindled for a couple years when I used to buy protein powder and focus way too much attention on pre / post workout nutrition.

I've been eating sandwiches and making the same gains I did with high quality post-workout nutrition.



Bricknyce shed the light to me about this , too!


Workout nutrition aside, I'd find it incredibly difficult to hit 300g of protein daily without protein powder.


Peri workout nutrition definitely has it's place but im not at the level of development to fully utilize it. Money is better spent on food than on special peri workout formulas when you are a beginner (like me).

When your more advance and your diet, training and physique are fairly dialed in i can definitely see the benefit of Surge Peri workout protocols and the ANACONDA protocol.

Also, why take advice from Brick when he's not after the bodybuilders physique? Guy is smart and has great advice but if your looking to get big i wouldn't listen to everything. Especially on supplementation, no need for supplements and peri workout protocols with general fitness in mind.


^this FTW


My humble experience about using protein shake type pwo drinks is that they work tremendously better than the skim milk I used to consume. When I consumed 6 dl of skim milk (about 20 g protein) after every workout I couldn't really see any benefit compared to not using any pwo drink at all.

Then I switched to some protein powder and I recovered very well. I also felt like I didn't need as much sleep (about 0,5-1 hour less) because my body recovered better. Then I got back to using skim milk again for some reason and my recovery got worse. I insisted on continuing to use only skim milk for about 2 years just to test its effect. I had read that skim milk could be a good recovery drink. In my case it just sucked.

After that, my older brother convinced me to try the protein shake again (now a different one, better suited for recovery) and it worked fantastically better than skim milk. Skim milk was also starting to make me feel kinda sick, like excessive milk product consumption in general, even though I'm not allergic to it.

I would say do what your own experiences tell you to do.


^ It took you two years to realize skim milk was not optimal for recovery? I agree with the sentiment to find what works for you, I use whey protein because it's convenient. When I'm in a studio gym for several hours or traveling it's easier to have liquid meals a couple times per day.



Your question is reasonable: Why take advice from a guy not looking to get big? Well, I spent quite some time trying to get big and got pretty big, albeit a bit chubby. I did use PWO nutrition when I was obssessed with all this. And looking back on it, I wouldn't have used it or used less of it.

However, if you keep your calories at the appropriate amount, and you believe that PWO nutritioin will help you, then have at it.

From what I know about nutrition now, I can't see how pre-workout nutrition is so crucial considering it can take hours for a decent sized meal to be digested. So it's not like there aren't any amino acids or carbohydrates available during a workout unless one waits hours and hours to work out. As I've said before, it depends on how long someone hasn't eaten until they start their workout.

And if I get home ten minutes after a workout, shower, and eat a meal, I don't see the point in guzzling a shake after my workouts.

If people DO see DISCERNIBLE results from PWO nutrition, then they should continue. I don't know everything, I work in healthcare for the time being, and it's not like I have a roster of clients in a sports nutrition practice.

There are varying degrees of fitness, just like there are varying degrees of bigness and strength. Sure, the need for supplements is lower considering I'm exercising a measly 5 hours per week and eating a measly 2,500 to 3,000 calories a day. But there are strategies I can take to get even more fit, nutritionally and physically. So there is use to some things even if general fitness is sought.

The thing is I choose not to do some things because of the limited reward they provide me. I'm at a certain level of fitness I'm happy with, and it's not outrageous. I'm just in shape and healthy. I choose not to be in EXCELLENT shape and settle for DECENT shape because I came to the conclusion that excellent shape doesn't provide me with things most important to me and displaces my resources that can be invested in things more important to me (time, money, other interests, socializing, time with family).


Good post Brick. Thing is guys around here get so caught up in trying to find the most perfect way to approach bodybuilding. Should I do a drop set at the end, should I ramp or use a dc style, time under tension or perfect rep?

I think when you take every little aspect of training and want to do it to the best of your ability you should focus on peri workout nutrition just like you do that one last set, last meal you had, or foam rolling.

FTR, I'm not huge on nutrient timing because I believe the body takes a loooooong time to do anything. Whether it's fat loss, gaining muscle, correcting a nutrient deficiency, or whatever. However, I still try to time things up to get the best results. It just depends on how picky one wants to be.


There's no harm in utilizing a PWO shake. Even if you see no difference you're still contributing to your caloric intake for the day.


Exactly. And as long as you're not going over it, which is easy to do with liquid nutrition.