milk protein

hi everyboby! I found out that i have an intolerance to milk protein…when I stopped taking whey/casein powder and stopped eating milk product I lost a significant amount of bodyfat while I was already pretty lean (9%) .Now I feel like crap and get hot flashes like a menopausal woman when I heat cheese or milk stuff. This intolerance thing is making it hard getting proper post-workout nutrition. Tuna or steak is really not convenient in the gym at all, soy protein is outta the question (like my balls the way they are) and egg protein powder turns me into a stink bomb! Any solution for me out there? thanks!

Is it milk protein or lactose you’re allergic to? Have you tried Surge for post-workout?

I think I know where you’re going, TEK. It’s hard to imagine that hydrolyzed whey would cause anyone gastrointestinal distress, lactose intolerant or not.

Protein Factory sells a rice base protein powder that may be a good alternative for those with milk intolerances. I’ve never used it but looks like a good alternative to use in WO shake. Protein Factory also sells beef plasma protein powder (non milk based - meat based) which is very concentrated and made to mix small amounts in with other protein powders. I use their beef plasma (bovine serum) and mix it with their milk protein isolate. The beef plasma bovine serum mixed with the rice protein powder may be a decent alternative. Other than that, chicken, tuna, eggs, turkey, lean ham, and other lean red meats.

thanks for your answers
TEK: well I’m actually intolerant to milk protein. I’ll try the rice protein, it seems high in carbs but it’s alright post WO