Milk/Protein Shake During Workout

I drink my protein shake during my workout and I use milk in it. I also have a carb mix of dextrose and maltodextrin and gatorade. Should i be using milk in my shake or no?

no go with water during your workout

Instead of trying to manufacture your own concoction, why not just use Surge?

Either way, I would recommend reading a bunch of the nutrition articles on this site. Look for stuff by John Berardi, David Barr, and Lonnie Lowery.

Your first stop might be to look for David Barr’s latest in the article section, then read all the articles he links to.

If you do not want to pay $2 per serving of Surge, then a little skim milk mixed with whey protein should work great. I would then use a separate drink of water with maltodextrin and dextrose and flavored with kool-aid.