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Milk or water

Yo guys, do you think it is better to mix MRPs/ protein powders with skim milk or water? Water seems to spoil the taste of most MRPs i’ve tried.

Grow! is about the only MRP I’ve tried that tastes just as good in water. As far as what’s better, keep your goal in mind. If you’re cutting up, you might not want to add the extra calories and carbs to your MRP. If you’re bulking up, use milk.

I like to mix mine with milk. Sometimes I use skim and other times I use whole. I like the added benefit of protein that milk has, and it also tastes much better.

If I’m using it for breakfast, I’ll mix vanilla with OJ and fruit. It makes a nice tasting smoothie. I won’t even consider using water if milk is available. But that’s my preference.