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Milk on Water


I've been arguing this for quite sometime, would you say it's viable for one to take away ALL of their liquids including water and replace it with milk?

I am currently quite close to that, maybe 3 Litres of milk, and, about 1 litre of water daily.

Thoughts and reasoning greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Since you're up in Canada, and probably drinking raw milk it's probably not too bad.


That comment makes you seem really ignorant no offense. Canada is very similar to the USA in most respects. And on the issue of milk, most of us drink pasteurized milk as well, however the industry is more tightly regulated in terms of what hormones and crap can go into our cows.

Even still, I'm not convinced that there is anything wrong with milk. However, drinking 3 liters sounds a bit excessive. It depends on your tolerance to milk really.


Are you drinking organic milk? That's a shitload of milk. I'd say you've gone past the line where it's safe to start worrying about hormones you're consuming.


You need water in your diet. If you like drinking milk cool, but make sure you drink water also. I ually have two glasses next to my plates of food. One with water and the other with the other liquid I'm drinking. 1 liter of water is not a lot btw. I usually drink 1 liter during my workout along with my protein/carb drink.


Ah, in regards to hormones consumed, I drink skim milk,

mainly because the estrogen properties of pasteurized milk

and no I do not drink raw or organic milk.

Organic milk is not much different from pasteurized milk


I have relatives in SK and it seems common place over there, although you are right it may be ignorant to assume that's the case everywhere. I do imagine it would be a lot easier to find if you looked considering how many farms there are.

Does skim milk not have estrogenic properties?


It isn't something I would do myself, but I think it would be fine.


You might develop an intolerance drinking that much milk.

What's the reason for doing this, btw? Are you just experimenting?


a gallon a day keeps the skinny away



I haven't touched milk in a year.


I drink a gallon of whole milk at times and if I don't drink an equal amount of water I get dehydrated but I also live in the dessert for what its worth so you may not experience the same effects I do.


3 liters of milk is nothing. I've drank 6 liters of whole milk for bulks before. Yes, 6.


I drank 1 1/2 gallons of whole milk a day for about 2 months. I gained about 15 pounds, I'd guess about half of it was muscle. I felt like shit and my skin looked bad, but it helped me break a weight plateau.

Would I do it again? No.


Well for firsts, I drink this NORMALLY, on a regular basis, of course, I could replace it with water, but, in terms of hydration, should you drink to the point of somewhat noxious point?

When I try to drink 1 gallon of water a day ontop of 2-3 litres of milk, I feel sick...

Lmao, man, maybe I've been living my entire life dehydrated bahahah


Honestly, I think a lot of people put too much emphasis on drinking straight, unadulterated water. Milk is almost all water anyway. It's like not counting a vitamin in a certain food towards your daily total for that vitamin. It's still there, and you're still taking it in. This doesn't mean that one should completely replace drinking straight water with milk, but it is alright in my book to drink a little bit less water if you account for some of it being in milk.