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Milk Lowers Test



They didn't state what brand of milk they used. Maybe if the full article was unlocked instead of the abstract we would have known.

And the milk they used/studied were from pregnant cows.


And there I was wondering why I was shooting "sperm" out of my pecs.



US Cows are kept in a pregnancy state all year long.

Possible solution: Drink skim. Not ideal for bulking (I love milk!) but I'll be switching and adding coconut oil or EVOO I guess.


Didn't know that. Don't they inject their cows to stimulate more milk production as well? Group in school did a report on it but for the life of me cannot remember what it was called.


that makes no sense. How would drinking skim fix the problem, if you feel it's associated with pregnant cows? just because a cow puts on more weight doesn't make it whole milk LOL


I call bullshit.



...and male tities!

It's a bit disturbing tho...maybe Berardi is right in his fear of milk...


Speaking of which...whats up with JB. We haven't heard of him since Shugs wrote an article on hiim turning veggetarian. Actually a lot of my favorite writers haven't shown up in a while. David Barr, John Berardi....fortunately Dr. Lowery's back but then again he hasn't published anything recently here.

I'd definately like to here Jonny Bowden's take on all this.


Well it's pretty know by now that JBowden doesn't like pasteurized/homogenized milk. He does like raw milk tho. Now I'm pretty ignorant on the subject of raw milk but does it also comes from pregnant cows, or does it come from non-genetically modified, grass fed cows?


Wouldn't buying Cert Organic milk solve that problem?


Lots of the test lowering milk hormones are carried in the fats contained in non-skim milk (1%,2%,whole)


Doesn't matter what kind of cow is giving you the milk, if it is not processed, it is considered raw. The best thing to do is to get raw milk from a reputable farmer that has his cows grass-fed. It tastes awesome and it is pretty damn good for you.


Milk is the perfect food for growing mammals, and you sir are a growing mammal.

Squats and milk.


Plus, all I see on that page is an abstract. Where is the rest of the article showing the methods, results, and discussion?


Homogenized/Pasteurized milk should never be consumed by humans.

Raw Milk, however, is one of nature's finest foods.


This has nothing to do with pasteurization.

You'd have to pay for the full article if you do not have journal access.

You guys who came in here to say squats and milk, that's fine, we know it works, but mightn't something else work BETTER, as in more muscle gain with less fat gain? No need to harp on the squats, I can nearly put up 500 :slight_smile:


I love milk and I refuse to believe it does anything but help me gain muscle.


JB does not eat meat anymore?!


Just pointing out the hypocrisy in calling soy-eaters the ones with this problem:

Nice back, Chi.