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Milk Is Empty Calories?


I've read all about how milk is empty calories after it has been pasteurized homogenized etc. What is the best kind of milk for a bodybuilder looking to make lean gains. I am not bulking. Also, why is milk so beneficial, or is it?


I just drink organic, but I'm not convinced it makes THAT much of a difference.

It's not empty calories, its full of what you need (protein, fat and some carbs too).


depends on your diet. It has all 3 macros, and different ratios depending on if its skim, 1%, 2%, whole etc...

Empty calories? I THINK NOT!
Again, it all depends on your diet's needs.


It might not have all the cool shit that raw milk has but it is certainly not "empty calories".


The best thing for my bulk phase was finding out that my schools cafeteria had whole milk stashed in the back.

Fear no fat. You need some in your diet.


i wish i could find raw milk in Aus...


FFS, of all the "Why is milk bad threads?" this site sees on a weekly basis, this has got to be the most ass-backwards. Empty fucking calories? Fuck this thread. No one post, on three. One...two...three...no posts! Starting now!


What's the deal with the recent avalanche of silly myths on this forum? Anybody knows?


milk is mostly protein




Empty calories?????? WTF, it isn't sugar water. Hell, 8 grams of protein in an 8oz. serving is not empty.

Holy hell.


I blame Mercola. This sounds like his doing.


What milk, then, is best for gaining lean muscle mass?


The milk you tolerate. If you're not worried about calories at this point, drink whole milk.

Drink at least 5-6 8oz. glasses a day to bolster your protein intake.


[quote]Mr. Clean & Jerk wrote:
FFS, of all the "Why is milk bad threads?" this site sees on a weekly basis, this has got to be the most ass-backwards. [quote]

We really need either one thread to refer people to or something because it's crazy. People lose their freakin minds when it comes to one drink. I always wonder if these people who are asking what percent, raw vs homogonized, etc even eat well enough for it to matter in the long run. My guess, not even close.



Not sure if this helps or you knew about it but it is something.


One reason with the concern over milk is the presence of hormones (such as estrogen).

That being said, milk is great for muscle growth. Empty calories refer to a food that provides calories, but no nutritional value. As stated above, milk contains all three macros, so clearly this is not applicable to milk.


I am not sure having all three macros keeps something from being empty calories. Food cannot have calories without macronutrients; that is what calories are measurement of, the energy provided by the macros.

The pack of Nutty Bars I ate earlier with lunch had all three macros, but I am pretty sure they were fairly empty calories.

I am not counting calories right now. I am bulking, and for the last couple days it has been a crazy dirty bulk. I am sure someone was going to want to know why I was having Nutty Bars.


Yeah... my statement came out wrong. The point I was trying to make is that milk provides numerous nutritional benefits (beyond just the macro content), so it therefore is not "empty."

Hey, Nutty Bars are good stuff (for a treat). I actually haven't had one in years though.


I've said this before. If someone would take the initiative to state the plain facts (not subjective raw vs. homogenized blather) about the stuff in a "Milk" thread, to be stickied at the top, that would be fantastic. Hell, we wouldn't even need to sticky it!

Every time someone attempts to start another milk thread, the mods could just delete the attempted thread and PM the user a link to "The Official Milk Thread." Hell, I have a day off tomorrow, I'd get the thing off the ground if I thought it would go anywhere.