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Milk is a Source of Estrogen?



Do you guys think one should avoid milk and all dairy products as it is a major source of dietary estrogen?


Negative, Ghost Rider.


Your ability to detox environmental estrogens is dependant upon the health of your liver and kidneys and what you do in every day life to compromise that.

Environmental estrogens are very real as anyone who has studied the toxicity of modern day life can attest. I know Australia is particularly bad for environmental estrogen as our soil is so poor and mineral deficient that farmers need to put more and more chemicals on them to get a quick crop as apposed to other countries in the world with better soil. Everything starts with the soil. Any one who believes these chemicals and poisons are not harmful to the human body and partly, if not majorly to blame for the rising rates of cancer and general toxicity of humans is kidding themselves.

Modern day milk also has one of the highest allergen rates in humans, something like 70% i believe. Did milk straight from the cow, unprocessed and untreated as little as 100 years ago have such a high allergen rate? Who knows? Anyone ever drink un pasteurized milk? It gives you the biggest energy boost cause of all the vitamins and minerals in it that aren't lost during the pasteurization process. Problem is it's illegal here.

Aphrodite bath milk isn't for any Aussies interested in trying it


Bottom line is how much poison do you really think the human body can handle? What's the cost benefit of eating certain foods laced with chemicals? How good of a filter are you?

My 2c


I buy 100% organic dairy that isn't laced with Bovine Growth Hormone, or antibiotics...the only downside is that it is pasturized.


'Major' source of estrogen?
Even chicken has estrogen apparently.
Doesnt mean that the estrogen quantities are in copious amounts that are capable of affecting your testosterone levels.


Shit, I hope not. I drink up to two gallons of whole milk a day.

Like Stockzy said, milk is pretty shitty these days. I had a blood test done and my doctor told me that I had a toxin in my system from my diet. I told him what I eat and he said right away that it's all the milk.

I should probably stop, but I haven't found another way to get about 4800 calories and 256g of protein a day so easily and inexpensively.


Your user name is seriously fapster?...


That's it I'm switching over to soy milk. But seriously I hope not because I love cow's milk.


Soy is known to have estrogen compounds.
Can not find the reference but you may google it.


^Evidently it is


soy milk will def boost estrogen... it's soy.


All the big boys drink milk.

You tell me if we should avoid it, in the mean time I'll be drinking my whole milk.


I was trying to be sarcastic with my post. I'm aware of soy's phytoestrogens.


isn't it Ghost Writer? hmmmmmm


Hm, I drink a lot of milk daily and now I'm slightly worried :frowning:


I'd be slightly worried about normal drinking milk in the U.S. for the same reasons I'd be wary of the beef sold there as well, lack of regulation for what can be fed to cows. Growth hormone etc. Wouldn't stop me drinking whole milk though.

I would however go out of my way to buy grass fed organic beef though. Luckily here, most of the beef is grassfed.