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Milk in Postworkout Drink

How effective is lactose and other milk carbs in a postworkout drink? If I’m stuck without a viable substitute, I’ve thought about using skim milk mixed with protein powder. It will give me around 40g of protein and 60g of carbs. I read below in another post that fructose isn’t very good for postworkout nutrition. Anybody know about lactose?

hmm… I’m also very curious about this, since my post workout drink always includes milk (to git more protein out of it). I however use fat free milk.

A lot of us used to use skim milk in a protein powder or MRP back before we knew what the ideal post-workout drink should have in it. It’s better than nothing, but no where near ideal. Read the “Solving the Post-workout Puzzle” articles by John Berardi for more info. You can find these in the previous issues section of T-mag.

I have been using milk for middle of the night feedings. Everytime I get up to take a piss (anywhere from 2-5 times per night)I grab the gallon of whole milk and chug as much as I can in a comfortable breath. then back to bed. I have only been doing this for 3 weeks now. So far so good. I have increased my training volume and still holding if not gaining lean mass. Try using your milk like that…I guess you are in college at a cafeteria or something…yes/no?

Lactose is 50% galactose, which like fructose, does not enter general circulation and is not used by muscle to replenish glycogen or as a fuel. It’s only food for the liver.

To the bodybuilder or athlete it’s similar
in that regard to sucrose.

hey I just read the article chris was refering to. I guess too much protein isn’t always good after your workout; but man milk makes it taste ten time better that water. Can’t you alternate the serving (of Biotest’s Surge)?.For example, one scoop with 8oz of milk b4 and one scoop with milk after your workout. I drink my shakes with whole milk giving me 8 grams of protein alone. Thanx

Lactose is split in digestion to glucose (absorbed normally) and galactose. Galactose will be transported to the liver where it is converted to glucose (much like fructose)
OF hte carbs in milk, only about 1/2 is lactose, so unless you want to get really anal about ‘post workout’ drinks, and not all the carbs are from the milk (possibly some added sugar) then it shouldnt matter.

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From what I have read calcium might actually retard protein absorbtion.
It is not recommended to take some vitamins and minerals with milk because it can reduce the assimilation by something like 70%.
One Protein manufacturer also has an article on their site mentioning that it’s better to take it with water than with milk for this reason.(That’s better than alot of these companies that recommend taking it with milk and then show you how much protein you get from a serving when alot is actually from the milk)… bastards!
70% unabsorbed would be a huge waste.
I stoped taking my post workout drink with milk due to this and because I though it may also slow the rapid response which is the whole point of a post workout drink.

It sounds reasonable, can anyone refute this?? If not, I think I'll still avoid mixing with milk. The milk I can drink at any time.

Whats up dale, I agree with you in part but i don’t think that milk should not be included because of its calcium but becuase of the extra protein. In fact Biotest’s Surge has 30 mg of Calcium. I believe that its the extra protein that is included with your milk that might counter act protein synthesis. John Berardi states this in his artcle(Solving the Post workout Puzzle). As for MRP’s and Pro shakes i use milk; it makes it taste soo much better and gives me 16 g of Protein more on top of my already 40 g… Peace out bro

Thanks Flaco

I agree that the taste is much better with milk.

I normally mix my other MRPs with milk, but just use whey, malto and water post workout to ensure a rapid response.

Actually, they all drank curdled milk – it acted like alcohol to them.